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Men's Washable Silk

Designed with a breathable, lightweight feel and easy fit that slips on and off just right. Naturally thermoregulating and machine washable, silk has never been this easy or comfortable.


What should men look for in sleepwear?

As the hero of nighttime, it’s important that your sleepwear makes you feel comfortable, relaxed, and ready to tackle whatever the next day brings.

Most sleepers need lots of flexibility to move around, avoiding any bunching or twisting at inconvenient times. Look for designs and fabrics that maximize movement without constriction. You’ll want sleepwear that is soft, breathable, and made of natural materials. Our famous Mulberry Silk sets are chalk-full of design details that prioritize comfortable movement like our no-twist waistbands, for instance.

Next up, consider the climate. Making sure to regulate your temperature with layers, breathability, and thermoregulating fabrics is crucial. Our Cotton Silk is a lightweight, super versatile knit that will keep you at optimal temperatures all year round.

Another thing to keep in mind is functionality. Pockets and functional cuffs are good examples of features that enable better resting. Look for sleepwear that has the features you need to make your nighttime routine as smooth and comfortable as possible.

And finally, let's not forget about style. Just because you're wearing sleepwear doesn't mean you can't look good. Whether you prefer classic silhouettes or something a little more modern, your restwear should make you feel as good in bed as you look.

Why is silk the ideal fabric for pajamas?

Silk pajamas are considered the epitome of bedtime luxury. Slip into those silky wonders, and you'll be floating on a cloud of comfort and sophistication. So, why is silk the reigning champ in the world of sleepwear?

Firstly, silk is like a gentle hug from a cloud. Its smooth, soft texture is incredibly kind to your skin, reducing the risk of irritation and helping you drift into dreamland without any pesky distractions. No more tossing and turning in scratchy, uncomfortable PJs.

Temperature control is another realm where silk truly shines. It's like a natural thermostat. Whether you're a human furnace or a perpetually chilly creature, silk keeps you cozy without causing overheating. Naturally thermoregulating, it wicks moisture away, keeping you dry during night sweats or steamy dreams. You'll wake up feeling fresh and ready to conquer the day.

Silk's breathability is another game-changer. It's like having a tiny breeze in your pajamas, preventing that stuffy, stifling feeling that can ruin a good night's sleep. Your skin can relax, and you won't wake up in a sweat-induced panic.

Durability is often overlooked. Silk may seem delicate, but it's surprisingly tough. Those pajamas will stay with you through countless cozy nights, making them an investment in your comfort and style.

Lastly, silk isn't just a practical choice; it's a statement of elegance. Slipping into silk pajamas makes you feel like royalty, even if it's just you and your cat watching Netflix.

Is silk a beneficial fabric for hot sleepers?

Silk, the bedtime hero for hot sleepers! Here's why:

Silk's natural breathability lets air flow freely, keeping you cool as a cucumber all night long. It's like a moisture manager, whisking away sweat and humidity, so you wake up dry and comfy. Silk's temperature-regulating superpower means it adapts to your body's needs, never too hot or too cold.With its smooth, gentle touch, silk minimizes skin friction, leaving you irritation-free. Plus, silk pajamas are a style statement – you can look effortlessly elegant even in dreamland. So, for hot sleepers, silk is the ultimate bedtime companion, offering a cool, dry, and stylish slumber.

What’s the deal with Mulberry silk?

First off, it's all about the source. Mulberry silk comes from silkworms fed exclusively on Mulberry leaves, resulting in the finest, smoothest silk around. The secret lies in the long, continuous fibers. Mulberry silk is renowned for its durability and strength, ensuring it withstands the test of time.

When it comes to sheen and softness, Mulberry silk outshines the competition. Its natural luster and gentle touch are unparalleled.

You might expect something so precious to also be a bit high maintenance, but our silk is 100% washable, so you can go ahead and break up with your dry cleaner. Our easy care makes maintenance a breeze (and means your couch-time snacks can’t stress you out).

Are Lunya silk pajamas worth it?

Lunya pajamas have taken the sleepwear world by storm, and for good reason. We prioritize comfort in every aspect of their design. Considered the pioneer of washable silk, we believe effortlessness is paramount and you should look as good in bed as you feel.

Lunya restwear is not your average pajamas. Our products feature innovative design elements like hidden pockets, and no-twist waistbands, making your bedtime picks both functional and stylish. These design touches elevate your sleep experience and add convenience.

We understand the importance of temperature control for a good night's sleep. All-seasons star silk is thermoregulating for comfort in cozy season and wickedly hot summers alike.

Our versatile styles are not just for sleeping. They're designed to be perfect for lounging around the house or even running quick errands. The chic and modern designs mean you can look and feel good, whether you're in bed or out and about. Consider this a major step up from those ratty old sweatpants we all have hanging around.

We place a strong emphasis on the craftsmanship of their products. The attention to detail and quality construction ensure that your pajamas will last, making them a worthwhile investment. Our commitment to sustainable and ethical production means you and Mother Earth can both rest easy.

We value customer feedback and constantly strives to improve their products based on customer input. Don’t be shy about reaching out with your most pressing rest needs or brilliant ideas— we’re always up for some pillow talk.

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