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Soft modal

Soft Modal

Our Soft Modal is cotton with benefits — made from natural beechwood trees and spandex, it’s super soft (as the name implies) plus stretch and cool to the touch. Basically, it’s the total package.


What is modal anyway?

Alright, we’ll spill the beans about the wonder fabric known as modal – it's the soft, easy superstar of the textile world, and has a serious resume for being both comfy and eco-friendly.

Modal is made from the magnificent beech tree. It’s shocking something that starts as wood pulp from beech trees can be spun into the most luxurious, soft-as-a-cloud fibers you can imagine, but science is amazing. It's like Mother Nature's little secret recipe for ultimate bedtime bliss.

But hold up, it's not just about the softness (although that's a major plus). Modal is also a sustainability superstar. Unlike some fabrics that guzzle up water and resources like there's no tomorrow, modal comes with a green conscience. The beech trees themselves are like the champs of water conservation – they use rainwater sparingly, which means less stress on the environment. And the production process uses way less energy and chemicals compared to other fabrics. 

Modal’s next-to-nothing softness makes it a no-brainer for sleepwear. Its soft, smooth texture is like a gentle caress against your skin, hugging you without ever constricting you. It's incredibly breathable, so you won't overheat while chasing those elusive sheep.

So, there you have it – modal, the tree-powered, eco-friendly softness that's perfect for sleepwear. Embrace the luxury, snooze in style, and rest easy knowing you're snuggled up in something as gentle on the planet as it is on your sleepy soul.

Who is modal best for?

Modal offers the ultimate comfort and convenience, with fuss-free care and a too-soft-to-explain feel. Our team compares it to sleeping in a cloud. While silk pajamas are ultra-lightweight and smooth, modal offers more of a close-to-the-body softness.

Modal fibers are like a spa day for your skin, so smooth and gentle that you will be tempted to spend all day lounging in bed. Its super-softness makes this an indulgent pick for anyone, but a particularly thoughtful new mom or “get well soon” gift.

And let us not forget about our restless sleepers. Modal is here to save the night! Its breathability is like an open window on a spring morning, keeping you cool and comfy even during those tossing and turning sessions. Say goodbye to waking up in a sweaty mess and hello to dreamland tranquility.

In a show of true versatility, modal is also an excellent pick for those who need more warmth, as it’s the perfect base layer. Choose modal if you plan to throw on a chunkier knit first thing in the morning.

Why is modal any better than something more familiar like jersey?

Our designers are adamant that modal reigns supreme on the one.

First and foremost, let's talk about that luxurious softness. Modal takes the crown in this department, offering a level of velvety comfort that jersey can only dream of. It's like wearing a cloud to bed, versus wearing your sorority tee.

Meanwhile, modal tends to feel lighter and more breathable. It strikes the perfect balance, keeping you comfortably cool without feeling like you're trapped in a sauna. Jersey might offer some breathability, but modal takes it up a notch, giving you that just-right sleep environment, whether it's summer or winter.

And let's not forget about sustainability – modal is the eco-champion here. Made from beech trees, it's a renewable and environmentally friendly choice. Jersey might be comfortable, but it can't match the eco-consciousness of modal. Sleep soundly knowing you're snuggling up in a fabric that cares for the planet as much as it cares for your comfort.

The real kicker here is that jersey is often made with synthetics and additions to cotton. Natural fibers like modal tend to be more breathable, eco-friendly, biodegradable, versatile, and absorbent for a much more beautiful and comfortable wear.

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