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Luxe Women's Robes & Cardigans

The ultimate robes and cardigans for women, made from the most luxurious washable silk and organic pima cotton.


What's the Difference Between Women's Robes and Bathrobes?

When it comes to women’s robes and women’s bathrobes, it’s fair to say that the terms are used pretty interchangeably. For the sake of technicalities, let’s dive into the luxurious little details of both. As the name says, a bathrobe is the layer you grab after a shower or bath to help with the drying off process (or while blow drying your hair).

Bathrobes are typically made in fabrics that have good absorption and breathability, giving damp skin that cozy feeling you crave after a steamy shower or long bath. Made with our super-soft organic pima cotton, we love to throw on The Robe and The Short Robe for this exact occasion. This fabric is also hypoallergenic, making it a great pick for post-shower-sensitive skin.

Now let’s move onto the term ‘robe’. Whether you call it a robe, a house coat, a duster, or a dressing gown, this pop-on layer technically comes with less of a job description and more freedom to play, lounge, or nap. With a loose and drapey fit, a robe is perfect for the in-between times—like before getting dressed for the day or while getting ready for a dinner out, or better yet, when you don’t have to leave the house at all and can just sashay around the living room in laidback luxury.

It’s a feel-good layer that can be cozy, or airy, but most importantly, it’s easy. And the epitome of a luxury women’s robe can be found in our Washable Silk Robe (you probably knew that was coming). Lightweight and flowy, this machine-washable robe is quick to become the most low-maintenance part of your day. 


What Type of After-Shower Robe is Best?

Of course, this all depends on what you prefer after a steamy shower sesh, but we tend to think a longer robe is the coziest post-shower layer. Long robes for women give you that relaxed, wrapped-up feeling while also holding in your body heat from the shower, giving you more time to draw a smiley face in the steamed-up mirror (we all do it).

That said, if you’re someone who likes to let the steam go immediately after a shower and wants more of a cool-down vibe, then a short robe is your move. Lightweight and airy, short robes still give you a relaxed, spa-like experience after the shower, but you’re able to cool yourself down a little quicker because of the obvious—it’s covering less of your body. 

Similar to making the call on long or short, the ideal robe fabric for after the shower depends on what your skin is craving. If you want a material that is buttery-soft and more absorbent, our organic pima cotton is a great pick. Now if you’re wanting your at-home spa (aka your bathroom) to give a little more post-massage silkiness, then you can’t go wrong with our washable silk women’s robes.

Ultimately, your personal preference is what will make the decision for you. So don’t be afraid to ask yourself what you want. Just remember, you’re allowed to change it up from day to day, maybe you want to wear a short robe in the morning and then wrap yourself in a long robe after a nighttime rinse—it’s your dream robe routine, live it up.  


What is the Best Robe Fabric?

Constructed in the softest, butteriest, most luxurious fabrics, our ladies' robes are the perfect accessory to your post-shower or lounging-around-the-house routines. If you’re eyeing The Robe or The Short Robe (or Long and Short Cardigans), they are designed in our soothing Organic Pima Cotton.

Unlike regular cotton out there, this soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic cotton won’t itch even the most sensitive skin. Our Organic Pima is also fairly milled without any harmful pesticides and uses less water. In other words, it's sustainable and thoughtfully made in a way that’s beneficial for you, and the environment. 

Now if you believe ‘staying in’ is the new ‘going out’ (you have our support), the luxury robe of your dreams is our Washable Silk Robe or Washable Silk Long Robe. It’s in the name, after all—silk that you can actually wash. Our Washable Silk is thermoregulating and super breathable, making it easy to stay cool and comfy no matter the season. Drapey, versatile, and low maintenance, going to bed at 10 has never looked better. 

More cozy robe options that can moonlight as luxury robes for women are the Cashmere Button Front Cardigan and Linen Knit Cardigan. Both of these textured woven fabrics are soft, airy, effortless—and perfect for cat naps.

When is the Best Time to Wear a Robe?

We thought you’d never ask. The answer to that question is actually pretty fluid—and that’s because there is no wrong time to wear a robe or bathrobe. Another way to look at it is that every minute of the day and every day of the week is the best time to wear a robe. What we’re trying to say is that when it comes to comfort and lounging, there are no rules—and robes are the luxurious uniform of this mindset.

Also, depending on the time of day, you can even call your robe different names. A woman’s robe is the peak of midday luxury, after all. For example, when you emerge from a late-night bath or jump out of a morning shower it can be your bathrobe, or during a zoom call with your boss it can become your housecoat, or when you’re curled up on the couch watching tv (aka scrolling on your phone) it can be your entertainment cloak. That last one might be a little much, but you get the picture. 

The perfect layer for when you’re lounging, napping, cooking, organizing your closet, picking up takeout, getting the mail, or just wanting to feel like bedtime royalty, our robes have you covered 24/7. Whether you’re into an extra long robe, short robe, warm flannel bathrobe, or silk robe, robe life is within your reach. Go ahead, get wrapped up in it—regardless of clocks and calendars. Because you should never limit yourself when it comes to comfort.


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