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A Note From Our Founder

Dear resters, 

March is Sleep Month. For us at Lunya, that’s a strange thing to celebrate because we’re completely obsessed with better sleep 365 days a year. But we can’t help but smile when the world takes more notice of the thing we care about so deeply.  Better sleep means better friendships, fitness, work performance, marriages, you name it. It’s a not-so-secret secret to happiness, but sometimes we neglect it.

I started Lunya about a decade ago after I walked by my bedroom mirror and gasped at my go-to off-hours outfit: my husband’s old shirt and rolled-up boxer briefs. This wasn’t how I wanted to show up for my most precious hours of the day, or what I wanted my home uniform to feel like.  This realization sent me on a mission to fill resting hours with more thoughtful designs, to marry sleep-worthy function with a confidence-worthy aesthetic. 

Ironically enough, I’ve struggled with insomnia for as long as I can remember, so you better believe I sweat the sleep details. Some of my keys to better rest:

1. Darkness.

Close those blinds, hide the phone, anything to trick the body into a delicious nap or juicing a few extra minutes out of the morning rest. Our cult-favorite mulberry silk Weighted Sleep mask is not only light-blocking, the subtle weight is wildly relaxing while the ear coverage helps dim the noise all while being wide enough not to kink your hair.

2. Ventilation.

If you aren't careful the microclimate between the sheets can get a little moist (I know, I know). Most of the time we actually feel hot because of humidity, not just temperature. Our iconic sets are packed full of thoughtful design details for maximum ventilation.

3. Allow for movement. 

There’s nothing like a bunch or a twist to disrupt good sleep. It’s why we have a (patented) no-twist waistband on almost all of our sets, and slits in most of our longer pants or dresses.

4. Consider the waking hours.

Think about versatility in your restwear— I am not above leaving the house in whatever I slept in (think our Oprah-lauded GOTS Pima cotton pant). If it means an alarm that can go off a bit later, why make time for jeans?

5. Take care of your muscles.

I work out religiously, much in part because of fitness’ role in aiding sleep. Find the right movement for you, and then relax. Nothing puts the body to sleep like releasing muscle tension.  With a little work from a bedmate this solid moisturizer and this Body Cupping Kit will turn the body soft and supple.

This March is as good a time as any to say: thank you for being here with us, we hope you’re sleeping well.

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