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Diary of a (Sleepy) Mom: Morgen

Moms. They’re just like us. In tribute to the OG icons who literally gave us life, we’re featuring the matriarchs we think you’d like to get to know, too. Mothers who are mothering (in every sense of the word). Read on to meet Morgen.



Tell us a couple of sentences about you and your family.

I am an elementary school teacher and mother of three. My stepson is 12, my son is 4, and our newest addition our daughter is 8 months old. My husband and I have been married for 5 years going on 6.



What are the three words you’d use to describe yourself?

Three words I would use to describe myself are ambitious, energetic, and loving.

What are the three words your kid(s) would use to describe you?

My kids would describe me as silly, cuddly, and nurturing.



What gets you out of bed in the morning?

My motivator to get out of bed in the mornings is going to work. Knowing I am providing for my children is my biggest motivator.

What’s the best mother’s day gift you’ve ever received?

The best Mother’s Day gift I’ve received was a framed picture of my son and I. His teacher took pictures of us and put it in a cute wooden frame with a very sweet quote on the back.



Tell us about your nightly wind-down routine.

After dinner, it’s time to get the kids to bed. My son and I brush our teeth together. I do my nightly skin routine. We will watch a short episode of one of our son’s favorite shows to relax. I put our daughter to sleep and my husband puts our son to sleep.

What has motherhood taught you about sleep or rest?

Motherhood has taught me to rest and sleep whenever you can. It’s not easy, but when I need some extra rest I will ask my husband to take over so I can catch some extra zzz’s.

What’s something that surprised you the most about your relationship with bedtime and how changed after becoming a mom?

I’ve always been a sleeper. I never had a schedule, but motherhood has taught me  the importance of a bedtime schedule and routine. 



What would you say to fellow moms who juggle time for themselves and time for their kids?

I would say keep up the great job making time for yourself. It isn’t easy to juggle time for yourself and time for your kids. Any little thing that brings you joy, stick with it and incorporate it in your day.

What’s your favorite way to decompress with your kids (and without your kids)?

My favorite way to decompress with my kids is through music and play. I love to play music and dance or sing with them. I also find play relaxing and a good stress reliever. I love being silly. We also as a family love to cuddle on the couch to watch movies and eat popcorn. Without my kids, I love to decompress with a glass of wine and watch documentaries, or shows that don’t require much thinking.



 What’s your ideal mother’s day look like?

An ideal Mother’s Day is a day without any decision-making. Breakfast is made, plans are set, and dinner is done. Not having to make one decision or plan would be ideal.

What do you look for in your restwear?

I look for comfort first. Comfy but make it cute. I want to feel good and look good in it.

If you had a day to spend in bed, describe your dream scenario! (Eg. When do you wake up? What show are you watching? How many naps are you taking?)

If I could spend a day in bed it would be a dream come true. I would wake up at 8:30. Coffee would be hot and on my nightstand. I would watch Sister Wives and Vanderpump Rules (uninterrupted). I’m taking about 2-3 naps. Each an 1hr and half long.

Forget caffeine, if you could drink a magic morning concoction, what superpowers or strengths would it give you?

My morning concoction would give me endless energy to make it through the day with no lapses. An abundance of patience to tackle any and all obstacles. The ability to teleport to get from point A and point B quicker. 

What’s something you wish your kids knew or understood better about being a mom?

Being their mom is truly one of the greatest gifts. I want them to understand that being a mom makes me super but it doesn’t take away my humanity. I am still human meaning I will make mistakes, I will not always perform at my best, I can’t always be at 100%, I have feelings and problems just like any person and tiny human does. I want my children to understand that mom is a person too.



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