Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

Influenced by ACE OF SWORDS Rx

Your soul work is to cut right to the chase with yourself, Aries. How are you being harsh to yourself or others? Where is your mind tricking you by intellectualizing too much? Work on the mind. Your next piece is to ACCEPT ADVICE. Mom is annoying you? Try listening to what she has to say. Boss is being extra bossy? Take heed anyway. Next, can you put pen to paper? No, not to write — but instead to draw without lifting the pen. Try it and see what happens. Where does your mind take you? Draw a house, draw a car, draw what’s around you, and just see what comes out. Try it in your pjs. Don’t be afraid to feel some sorrow. Feel the pain. But at the same time, don’t forget to let yourself feel when it feels good to have someone around.

Sleep potion: Do some personal energy healing. Place your hands on the parts of your body that need extra love as you doze off.

Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)

Influenced by KNIGHT OF WANDS, Rx

Your soul work assignment, Taurus – write a poem. No seriously, take it back to elementary school and write one. Maybe it’s a haiku? Or prose? Your choice. If you feel overwhelmed, try coining a word and defining it. Oh, look what came through there! Play with that. This homework is to help remind you that you don’t need to escape the country or escape into a book to learn. This is a moment to escape into yourself and see what you find. Extra credit assignment. Do you have any Leo friends? I know it may seem silly, but spend some time in their light this month. You won’t be disappointed. Therapy is great for you this month. Your insides want to speak out and having someone who will help you listen to those inner voices is important. If you sing, sing more. Let it out. Finally, sometimes the most important thing is the thing you almost forgot!

Sleep potion: Try waiting to go to bed until you’re absolutely exhausted. Just try it.

Gemini (May 21- June 20)

Influenced by THE DEVIL

Your soul work is actually outer work, as well. DECORATE. Spend some time creating beauty around your home. Let yourself feel the good juju vibes you are creating at the house, in the yard, in your space. Wow, your creative energy is just brimming! Next point of business – DESIGN something. Pour your energy that is healing your heart into something you can design. You get to pick what that is – art, music, dance, writing. Just design. Start something that you are a little bit afraid of this month, Gemini. I promise it is going to feel good. Try it. Move into fear. Take a risk. Finally, I just want to acknowledge that you are in an intense period that is bringing beautiful, positive change. So be aware of the intensity of it while also not becoming too obsessed or controlling of what may be showing up as part of this healing.

Sleep potion: Go look in the mirror and talk to your soul god/goddess. I’m sorry if I shamed, hurt, or doubted you. I love you. You deserve love.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Influenced by 10 OF PENTACLES

Sound is very real for you this month, Cancer. Your soul work is to play with sound and it’s healing capabilities. Sound bath or rock band, your choice. Trust what sounds are healing for you and maybe even play in that. Next piece of work feels tied to the above–or maybe not. Abandon the normal instruments. More work – no biting your tongue. There are times to stay silent and this month is not one of those. Your truth needs to be heard. You know what I’m talking about, so please share it openly and honestly now. Play around with different colors. Whether it’s painting the house or choosing something for a project – try different colors! Finally, do NOT go at it alone this month. Work in partnership now. Even if it’s bringing friends into work or finding collaborations. Do it now

Sleep potion: Try putting some essential oils on your pillows. Play with scent. Neroli? Dragon’s Blood?

Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)

Influenced by NINE OF WANDS Rx

Your first point of soul work is to choose peace. Always choose peace. When you think of anyone who has hurt you or abandoned you or brings conflict. Choose peace. Be the example. Make a confession in words or in art. There is an element of final healing occurring for you this month, Leo. And by acknowledging what is happening deep within, you’ll feel more free through the process. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the final step of this process, turn on the TV. It’s okay to let yourself feel something other than what is working through your insides. Shifts are happening and you can find peace in other stories. Or maybe even some inspiration!!! Your glow is extra potent this month, so notice what you are attracting and know it’s okay to discriminate or play with that!

Sleep potion: Go look at the twinkling stars and planets at night. Download that cool app that lets you see where Venus is!

Virgo (Aug 23 - Sep 22)

Influenced by THE TOWER

It’s all about healing for you this month, Virgo. Your soul work is all about healing. Do your checkups. Schedule your check-ins. Don’t be afraid of a juice cleanse or acupuncture. What feels healing to you? If you’re a healer, remember the work you are doing on others is supporting your healing, as well. Mother is coming up as more soul work, Virgo. Call your mom. Call your daughter. Look at where you might need to do extra work on the mother within you. Give some love to your womb if you are a mother or want to be a mother. Go watch a horror movie and let yourself laugh and learn from it. You might be surprised at how it ties into your current life circumstances. Finally, notice the shake ups this month and let yourself see how you are going to incorporate new emotions into life moving forward. This is a big, beautiful growth moment!

Sleep potion: Make your room feel like a forest! More greens and browns.

Libra (Sept 23 - Oct 22)

Influenced by WHEEL OF FORTUNE

Your first soul work, Libra, is to not forget to celebrate this month! It’s your birthday and your energy is off the charts so please, PLEASE enjoy that even if you have a lot going on. Second piece of advice, don’t stress one thing more than another. Again, you’ve got a lot happening, but don’t let it overwhelm you. Try compartmentalizing. And if you are feeling overwhelmed, this is not the moment to push through. Set aside and come back. Take a step back if the stress is too much. Libra, this month is such a turning point for you. Your life is changing and it’s as if you turned a corner and it’s a new life, a new neighborhood, a new way of being. Trust the process of this new start for you. It’s a lot! Play with drama. What if you faced a difficulty in life by pretending you’re an actor in a movie? Might make it a little less intimidating and perhaps more fun? Try it.

Sleep potion: Try playing a board game or puzzle before bed to help soothe and ease your mind!

Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

Influenced by KNIGHT OF SWORDS

Scorpio! Can you give yourself the gift of happiness? That is your SOUL work. Make it fun. Be happy. Act like a kid again! Whatever you’re working on now – the more creative, the more in your heart, the more the universe will help you share it with the world. You are the magic channel now that spirits want to speak through, play into, and build with. USE THIS MAGIC! CREATE! BUILD! SPEAK! More advice – do not waste this magical time by numbing out with addictions. Don’t do it! You are going to feel a lot more during this time, but for the most part, this is powerful. Sometimes this feeling can be overwhelming, but keep moving through it. When you feel stuck in your creativity – try picking up the pen or typing out a description of yourself from the perspective of your refrigerator!

Sleep potion: Less sleep, more fun!

Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21)

Influenced by 5 OF PENTACLES

Soul work for you, Sag, is independence vs. partnership. What feels uncomfortable for you in this moment? Go there. Play with leaning in and out of relationships. Who do you give to, that gives back to you? When do you need to just give to yourself or be with yourself and all your feelings? What is your soul purpose? How can you make money from doing MORE of what you love? Give some time to playing with this question on a deeper level. The world needs more of your voice, more of your perspective. Can you let yourself be heard? Can you practice sharing your truths? Be an entrepreneur and if you aren’t, pretend you are!

Sleep potion: Call your siblings! Practice sharing and oversharing what’s going on with you!

Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)

Influenced by FIVE OF CUPS Rx

Weddings and celebrations are big moments for you this month, Capricorn. Can you let yourself enjoy these celebrations with others? That is your soul work. Even if that means creating some of your own rituals and events to mark the celebration. Do it! YOU DESERVE THIS. Water is big for you this October, Cappy. Swim laps at the pool (actually, floating is probably better for you), head out to the ocean or a lake. Splash it on you when you need the reminder to stay in flow. Water is also the sign of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Again, water is the course. Don’t worry if things are feeling a bit hazy – think of it as the romantic haze halo-ing your life.

Sleep potion: Go read ‘Be Water, My Friend’ by Shannon Lee

Aquarius (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

Influenced by KING OF SWORDS

It’s all about THE OTHER for you this month, Aquarius. Who is your other? Who represents a partner for you? What would you like this to look like? You have the glow that attracts soulmates now. So make your inner work, work for you in partnership! Ask that friend for a setup. Say yes to that date! Partnered? Spend more time with your other half. Cook them a love-infused meal. Give a foot massage. Be the best partner and watch it reflect back to you. How can you make life more sensual? Try it in your everyday moves this month. Soften and get sensual.Creative soul work – what fruit are you and why? Journal on that!

Sleep potion: Keep fresh flowers near your bed for dreams that help you bloom!

Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

Influenced by NINE OF PENTACLES Rx

Your soul work involves your worth! You are ready for more, Pisces. How will you play with this notion? Asking for a raise? Asking for more from your relationship? Choosing yourself first? You may feel like you are living in the most ecstatic of highs and the lowest of lows this month, sweet one. It’s okay to ride those waves and find yourself balancing who you are on each of these extremes. Keep your eyes open and be ready to catch the lessons. This is what you were made for. Go listen to Incubus and get inspired by this new evolution of you! More open. More clear. More yourself and in your all-knowing than ever before. Make a playlist that inspires you and reminds you of your power, Pisces!

Sleep potion: Listen to your playlist before bed. And if it’s not calm enough – turn on the calm app. I like the Sophia Bush reads Kid’s Calm stories, personally.

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