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Four Women Creating a Category

We recently invited Alli Webb of Drybar, Joy Cho of Oh Joy, and Catherine McCord of Weelicious and One Potato, to The Bedroom to chat about allll of the things.


This wasn't your average founder panel; more like four rad chicks who disrupted their industries got together for coffee — we learned how the women overcame obstacles at the start of their careers, what they would choose to do with a second lifetime, how to combat the fear of failure, and so much more. For anyone that wasn't able to make it to the panel, we were able to pick their brains a bit more and took away some key advice and learnings below. 



Joy Cho


Joy Cho


Joy is a graphic designer, author, and founder of the eponymous design brand Oh Joy!


My first job was... as the hostess at my parent's Thai restaurant. I started working there as a pre-teen and it gave me very early experience with customer service.

The best career advice I've ever received was... "who says you can't?" It's a reminder that we are in charge of our destiny.

I look for creativity and inspiration in... the everyday. I soak up so much inspiration from living in Los Angeles and doing all the amazing cultural activities that are available to us here.

I hope my two daughters will grow up to... know they can be whatever they want to be. I also want them to be kind, compassionate, and learn to work hard for what they want.

The thing that I have achieved that I am most proud of is... creating a virtual space and place where happiness is fostered, joy is encouraged, and passion is celebrated! It’s funny (and great) how things that exist in this non-physical space of the internet can affect real lives in real spaces.

Alli Webb

Alli Webb

Alli founded the blowout salon Drybar in 2008, and it is now a thriving business with more than 100 locations across North America.

The biggest challenge that women entrepreneurs face is... fear.

When I was starting out, I wish I knew... more about raising money.

I picked Buttercup yellow because... it's bright and happy.

I balance family and work by... eek, doing my very best!

I always leave Drybar feeling... unbelievably proud.

Catherine McCord

Catherine McCord

Catherine is a former model, actress, and television program hostess. She is the founder of Weelicious and One Potato, a website and food delivery service dedicated to helping parents expose their children to wholesome, delicious homemade food.

I co-founded One Potato because... I wanted families to put down their devices, come back to the dinner table and enjoy organic, easy to prepare meals that would truly connect them.

My big break moment was... really a career change. I had been modeling for years and when I realized that all I wanted to do was go to culinary school and have a full career change it was more than an ah ha moment.. it was the most liberating point in my life.

I am most proud of... my 3 children. I’m inspired by them every single day in every way possible.

My favorite meal of all time is... the first roast chicken I ate when living in Paris. It was so simple, so succulent and perfect.

I balance health and indulgence by... eating healthy at home and really indulging when I go out to eat. A girls gotta have her smoothie and her ice cream!

Thanks to these women for sharing their unfiltered wisdom with us all.

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