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Hollywood's Favorite Intuitive | Angie Banicki

Angie Banicki, Hollywood's Favorite IntuitiveHere at Lunya, we're an office packed to the gills full of women. Topics around the lunch table regularly include our monthly and daily horoscopes, zodiac signs, and astrology in general. When it came time for us to delve deeper into what our star signs could reveal about our personal style, we tapped our friend and celebrity Tarot Reader, Angie Banicki, to tell us why we're the dark and twisty people we are... and she gave us the outfit to match.

Angie has read for everyone from Usher to Allison Janney, and is also the astrology contributor for GOOP. We sat down with her to pick her brain on how she got her start reading Tarot, her nighttime ritual... and picked up a whole lot of wisdom along the way.

What is currently your favorite hour of the day?

At this moment in time, 2pm, because my baby girl is up for her nap and I am usually in between readings so we get to have a snack and snuggle together.

How important is sleep a factor in your life?

Since reading tarot – SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT! There are days after I do big events with lots of readings when I just need to sleep 10/12 hours a night. 

Tell us about your nighttime ritual.

Put baby to bed, take a shower or bath, finish last minute emails and writing, and snuggle with my man. This week, using this time to ask the cards about some upcoming travel.

How did you first get into reading Tarot Cards?

My friend Holly Weirsma gave me a deck of Prada Tarot cards and I played with them for fun.

Tarot Card Reading

We can imagine you run into some naysayers - what do you say to them?

Usually I laugh and say, ME TOO! Then I had some really harsh ones and cried. Then my brother really nay-sayed the heck out of me – it was amazing because my brother loves and looks up to me so I realized it’s not personal! We are all wired differently. All living different realities. I love choosing my magical one but yours might be just as fun for you.

What do you find people are seeking most when they come in for a reading?

Love advice, career advice, home advice. Probably in that order.

You were a Hollywood publicist for many years, living a fast-paced lifestyle much different to your life today - words of wisdom for your past self?

Try to relish all the fast pace, the interesting people, the dramas! One day you’ll miss it and yet still never need it again.

Tarot Card Reading

You're known for your Tarot readings - how sensitive would you say you are to picking up on someones energy?

This is something I am growing to understand more every day. Sometimes I feel so sensitive as if I’m stuck in the person’s head. And then sometimes I have days that I feel like a personal trainer just giving you the tools to make your body and mind work best from the side bench as you lift the 50 lb weight off.

Have you ever been scared by what you've seen, and not wanted to share it with the person?

Yes, this is a big lesson I’m working through now. Fear is something we all should be working on. What is fear really? How can we take information and use it to our advantage? How can we understand something for someone and help them understand too? I am trying really hard to see and understand and feel this for myself and in how I help others. I also think my cards know my limits and are slowly growing with me. Giving me only as much as I can handle and know how to give the other person. Bohemian Rhapsody - Remastered 2011 – Queen is playing saying –Thunderbolt and lightning, very, very frightening me!

A reading in session

What is your star sign?


Interesting! Would you say you're a true Scorpio?

I am a Scorpio, yes for sure! But I feel that I relate so much to certain signs and times in my life. And I love that we all have different plans and signs in our charts. We are all such fascinating corroborations!

Personal theme song of the moment? We know you love a good playlist.

I Love to Love - Radio Edit – Tina Charles is this week’s. But also one of my all time greats is - Everywhere I Go – Lissie


Image credit: Sami Drasin

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