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Behind the Aurora Garden Shoot with Floral Artist, D’Ara

For our latest Aurora Garden shoot we recruited Los Angeles based artist, D’ara Nazarayan to lend a green thumb. Specializing in design, illustration, and floristry, her love for sculptural blooms made it the perfect collab for Washable Silk’s new green-themed collections. Go behind the scenes and learn more about the artist.

Credit: Max Hemphill

When did you begin creating florals? And what led you to go down this route in your career as a designer? 

In late 2022 I felt really out of alignment with my work as a Motion Graphic Designer. I knew I was losing my joy creatively so I set out to rekindle it by playing with a new material. As I shared my blooms, people kept urging me to open up shop and eventually, I debuted my first drop Valentine’s Day of 2023.

Your arrangements are otherworldly. Where do you draw inspiration, and how did you cultivate your aesthetic?

Thank you! I didn’t really have a concept of what constituted a proper arrangement but I think that’s what makes what I’m doing interesting. Nothing is holding me back as far as how things “should” look which allows me to really tap into a childlike sense of wonder and play. I think going to art school and working in the design space for over ten years has also created a foundation of principles that I inherently draw on when it comes to how I compose things.

We love the landscape you created for our Aurora Garden and Glade Green pieces - tell us about your approach to this collaboration.

It honestly all came together so fast but worked out beautifully. I chatted with the team about what elements I thought would complement the garments but everything from there was pure play. I got to mess with and rearrange everything several times over throughout the shoot with the goal being to have her environment be as lush as the colors and prints she was wearing.

Washable Silk Tulip Back Set

What do you do (or not do) to feel your most rested?

Routines and regimens that are sustainable enough to be flexible with my changing schedule are my go-to. I’m finding the biggest form of self-love has been planning ahead for my future self. It can be something as simple as having everything I need to get done mapped out so I can hit the ground running the next day. A little bit of preparedness goes a long way, curbs my anxiety, and keeps me in a rested state.

Favorite thing to wear to bed?

My bedtime fragrance.

Books or shows before bed?

Neither, catch me doom scrolling on Zillow.

What can we currently find on your nightstand?

Not one but two Lunya eye masks, they’re so chic! 

A small vessel, made by my friend Diana of Diana Luong Ceramics, where I keep all my jewelry I take off before bed. 

A candle, crystals, and a stack of books I keep threatening to read.

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