ARIES (Mar 21 - Apr 19)

Influenced by 3 OF CUPS

December is all about the 3’s and 5’s for you, Aries. 3’s represent creativity, fertility, joy and beauty. What do you want to create with this energy? What lights up your creative scepter? Where can you go for inspiration to allow the dreams and ideas to drop in? 5s are about the unexpected, the learning, and freedom. Be a rebel. Go take a little trip. Or go do your own little retreat. Or maybe for you diving into learning a subject or learning about yourself is the way to go. Something about this learning is going to aid in the process of what you are creating in your life. This is a time of truly knowing yourself and your potential so own what December wants to show you you can do!.

Sleep mantra: Blue is your color of truth and peace for December. Buy new blue PJs or an eye mask to help you rest easy in your truth in blue.

TAURUS (Apr 20 - May 20)


Listening is key here, Taurus. Listen harder. Listen more. This is your work for December. There is so much to learn in listening. Show up to your interactions, your holiday events, your meetings and let this be your number one goal. LISTEN. I keep getting that you are learning some important lessons and you’re learning by listening. You may also have an enormous impact on someone else just by listening to them. It really is your superpower this month. Listening means being passive. Not active or reactive. Just passive. You may even forget yourself in the process. And then you are open to receive. With gratitude. Without expectation. This is where the magic happens.


Sleep mantra: Water is your sleep magic Taurus. Go sleep by it. Drink it before bed. Bathe in it. Just be water

GEMINI (May 21- June 20)

Influenced by 3 OF SWORDS

Today be thankful and think how rich you are. Your family is priceless, your time is gold and your health is wealth. - Anon

There is a rebirth in order, Gemini. Have you felt like you’ve been in a cycle for too long. Not able to shake it or shift from the phase or way of being or feeling? Well December is reminding you now, change can happen so quickly and take you into the next phase or way. Just trust in the rebirth of what that might mean or feel like for you. Something is coming in to shake you – a person, an experience, a feeling, a job. You are about to be taken from one into the next. You cannot make it happen or strategize to call it in. You can just keep your eyes open and wait for it.

Sleep mantra: Music is your sleep magic this month. Try playing some classical or sound meditations to help soothe you to sleep!

CANCER (June 21 - July 22)

Influenced by 6 OF PENTACLES

Giving is key for you in December, Cancer. Who needs you now? How can you give of yourself? Going through your own process begging for a breakthrough, for a shift in consciousness for what you’ve been struggling with? Well by giving and supporting others, you are helping to call in that support for yourself. Wanting to call in more money/abundance. Give more. Make some extra holiday donations. Show the universe you trust in what it wants to bring you. Also whatever you have been struggling to breakthrough in your life now – just know you are concluding a big portion of the work. The shift is happening. You will not suffer forever. The lightness of being will return and you will be better for it!

Sleep mantra: Balance is key this month. Sleep requires food, exercise, water and soul work to be at its best. Where can you help balance that in December?

LEO (July 23 - Aug 22)

Influenced by NINE OF CUPS

You are ready to go out in the deep end, Leo. You’ve mastered floating over here where you can put your feet down and walk. Now you are gonna go where you haven’t dared to tread yet. It's going to feel like new territory and probably a little scary and foreign. But why stay lazy in the shallow end. You want to go deeper. Don’t say no when the opportunity to go deeper, go into the unknown presents itself. You are ready. It’s time. You are superhuman. Don’t think about it, just move towards it. And if you feel like you’ve been waiting for it to arrive and it hasn’t yet. Don’t force it. Just be prepared to say yes and know it’s on its way. And while you wait, spend as much time in nature as you can!

Sleep mantra: Try out some new tea this month. Give yourself the gift of warmth before hitting the sack

VIRGO (Aug 23 - Sep 22)

Influenced by 7 OF CUPS

Silence is your best friend this month, Virgo. Make time with her. Go on dates with her. Check on her every opportunity you can. Silence will be there for you whenever you need her. She will be there in the high times and in the low. Turn to her always. It seems there are opportunities and options all around you now or beginning to present themselves. Before you dive into making the choice or jumping at every option that comes in. Check in with silence first. She will give you advice. She will remind you not to rush the process. She will always have your best interest. She will help you sort out all the insights and connections you seem to be making in your mind this month.

Sleep mantra: MOONSTONE is your gem of sleep. If you have moonstone, keep it near your bed. Moonstone will bring magic to your dreams and will wash off anything that needs clearing.

LIBRA (Sept 23 - Oct 22)

Influenced by ACE OF CUPS

22 is your number this month, Libra. 22 is the master builder. This is some next level building of your life moving forward. How are you planting seeds for your future now? What do you want to build more of in your life? What will add to your life? 2’s can also be about important partnerships. What kind of relationships do you want to water and carry into your future? Who is most important to you? Who is supportive in your business? Who makes you feel loved? What do you need from them moving forward as you build? Also trust in whatever is happening to support your 22 master visions. The universe may be helping to bring whatever you need to support this for you. It may feel a bit like you are falling but this is all part of the process.

Sleep mantra: Give some extra time in nature to aid in your sleep journey. Even if you just step out barefoot after dinner and ground yourself. Take some simple time in nature.

SCORPIO (Oct 23 - Nov 21)

Influenced by HIGH PRIESTESS

Scorpio, your inner knowing is ON FIRE this month. Can you be in this constant state of knowing, of truth? Imagine how much easier it might be interacting with others when you know yourself with such clarity that you can just BE and not need validation from the other. Not need to prove yourself. Not need to be something for someone else. No. Just BE you. That is power. And that should be all you need. Because if you can recognize this, it will make so much more of life trivial. Within this energy, I feel you will KNOW something is coming or happening for you and you won't have to do a damn thing except trust. Again -power!

Sleep mantra: Ohhhh Scorpio, watch your dreams this month. You are discovering past life gifts through your dreams. You may have some powerful insights in your sleep!

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SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec 21)

Influenced by WHEEL OF FORTUNE

What was happening for you in September, Sag? Any moments that jump out at you? Check your calendar. Something happening then is an important process of where you are going. And you are about halfway there. More is aligning to where you are going. Spring time feels like the culmination of this whole story for you. And right now your work is to keep allowing the signs, the beauty, the wild ride of life to remind you that you are on your way. This is your sign that there is nothing to rush now but to appreciate the precious moments now that feel like reminders you are just where you are meant to be. Go listen to Flying by KR3TURE, Lee Holden, Nathan Endsley!

Sleep mantra: Buy yourself a plant or some flowers for the house. Bring nature into your sleeping abode. This will help your dozing.

Picked for you:

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 - Jan 19)

Influenced by PAGE OF SWORDS

A new reality is dawning for you, Cappy. This month is helping to sort through what you need to of your old to take you into the next. Journaling this month is your magic tool. Truly if you can spend a half hour, even a few times a week, this will be an enormous help to what needs sorting in your mind. There is a clearing of a dark cloud that hasn’t allowed you to step into what's next and your life is going to open up exponentially. For some of you, this may be welcoming a child! Others, a relationship that completely revamps your whole life and career. A new reality is coming for you, Cap. Get ready!

Sleep mantra: Do some outdoor work this month to support your sleep. Even a new composting practice will give you a sleep boost. Do good, feel good.

Picked for you:

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 - Feb 18)

Influenced by THE TOWER Rx

What part of your past are you trying to hold onto, Aquarius? I just got chills. You are really letting go of big stuff to make space for BIG LOVE, BIG DREAMS, MORE LIFE! You may need to let go of specific things, people, jobs. OR WHAT IF IT'S LETTING GO of a way of thinking? Of stopping the whoa is me. Of stopping the victim mentality that you have carried through from your ancestors. Of stopping the small version of you because you know you are ready to be big. Of stopping the blame game on your boss, your partner, your friends. What if you could hear/see yourself and catch these moments and let them go? Big homework here but BEYOND worth it. Go you!.

Sleep mantra: Watch your dreams for some crazy big premonitions, Aquarius. The prophecy is with you. Ask for it before you rest your head on the pillow.

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PISCES (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

Influenced by TEMPERANCE

The way forward for you this month, Pisces, is the ZEN way. The zen way is the middle way. The zen way is in rest. The zen way is cool, calm and centered. Slow it down. Trust more. And for god’s sake take a break. Stop trying to force things. Let go of that straight A, perfectionist part of you. Middle way. Zen way. And then open yourself to the unexpected. In your zen way, you might be surprised how much more you love yourself. How the universe seems to conspire and work that much harder for you. More love and fulfillment is swirling all around you. You deserve to be and feel fully loved and what is happening this month is going to draw more of that love to you.

Sleep mantra: Pull a card before bed! Try it. Get a fun deck and see what guidance wants to impact your dreams!

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