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Diary of a (Sleepy) Mom: Corrie

Moms. They’re just like us. In tribute to the OG icons who literally gave us life, we’re featuring the matriarchs we think you’d like to get to know, too. Mothers who are mothering (in every sense of the word). Read on to meet Corrie.


Tell us a couple of sentences about you and your family.

I was born and grew up in Ireland, moved to LA in 2007 with my husband Aaron. We came to LA for a year, but never went home. We loved it so much! Aaron and I got married young, but he is the best partner and truly a great compliment to me. We also have three amazing daughters Sienna (15), Scarlett (13), and Indigo (7). Yes, their names are all colors! I love color – I even named my business Corrie in Color.

What are the three words you’d use to describe yourself?

Optimistic, Creative, and Fun!

What are the three words your kid(s) would use to describe you?

Direct quote from my teenager: Creative, positive, and outgoing.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

An adventure always gets me going.

What’s the best Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever received?

I love getting all the personal handmade gifts from the girls.


Tell us about your nightly wind-down routine.

I love having one-on-one time with each of my kids before they go to bed and then checking in with them. After that, I wind down in bed with a good book.

What has motherhood taught you about sleep or rest?

I’ve had to really learn to prioritize sleep and rest as important in order to feel like myself.

What’s something that surprised you the most about your relationship with bedtime and how changed after becoming a mom?

I’m definitely naturally more of a night owl so since becoming a mother I have had to adjust to getting to bed earlier so I can be a functional parent in the mornings.

What would you say to fellow moms who juggle time for themselves and time for their kids?

That it is a good example for your children to see you looking after yourself. So they learn to do it for themselves.  

What’s your favorite way to decompress with your kids (and without your kids)?

I love playing board games with my kids and doing crafts all together too. My girls are really into beading right now. For myself, I love doing a jigsaw puzzle while listening to music or a good audio book. I also will take myself on an outing or a little adventure –  I love going to art galleries and museums. Getting out of the house on my own like this really relaxes me and gives me energy.

What’s your ideal mother’s day look like?

Sleeping in! Breakfast in bed with my girls. Then I love getting out of the house and going somewhere – like a museum and doing dinner all together. This year we are going to watch an Angel City soccer game.

What do you look for in your restwear?

Comfort is the most important thing to me. I have to feel cozy! It’s a bonus if I can look good too.

If you had a day to spend in bed, describe your dream scenario!

Snoozing in until 10am, breakfast in bed, reading a great book and watching my favorite show. Eating cake. I love a sweet treat. Then getting up and hanging out outside doing a puzzle and some crafts! Oh and a really great massage Perfection!

Forget caffeine, if you could drink a magic morning concoction, what superpowers or strengths would it give you?

A drink that gives me energy and excitement for the day would be amazing!

What’s something you wish your kids knew about being a mom?

That motherhood is a gift that brings you a lot of joy and is worth the ups and downs.




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