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Diary of a (Sleepy) Mom: Stephanie

Moms. They’re just like us. In tribute to the OG icons who literally gave us life, we’re featuring the matriarchs we think you’d like to get to know, too. Mothers who are mothering (in every sense of the word). Read on to meet Stephanie.



Tell us a couple of sentences about you and your family.

I’m Stephanie Cleary, Co-founder and Creative Director at Morrow Soft Goods. My partner, Scott, and I have 2 boys - Oslo (6) and Frankie (3) and live in East Los Angeles. I was born and raised here and enjoy spending my free time in the garden or out in nature.



What are the three words you’d use to describe yourself?

Creative, Weird, Passionate

What are the three words your kid(s) would use to describe you?

Ticklish, Clean freak (I'm actually not), Affectionate



What gets you out of bed in the morning?


What’s the best Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever received?

Cards! Every year I really love seeing their crafty cards - each one is a beautiful piece of art. My second favorite gift would be the plants they get me. We usually spend Mother’s day gardening as a whole family - and love having their company.



Tell us about your nightly wind-down routine.

I’m usually pretty wiped by the time we put the kids down so I try to start my night-time routine while they start theirs. I really look forward to using Living Libations face oil and massaging it on after I wash my face. I try to take at least 5 minutes to do this.  Once the kids are down, I’ll read about 10 minutes before going to bed and take some magnesium. I don’t know what it is, but I now look forward to washing my face and starting the process to slow down.

What has motherhood taught you about sleep or rest?

I appreciate it so much more. I used to be able to run on little sleep but now I find sleep so precious. I also find personal time really important and this is something new for me.

What’s something that surprised you the most about your relationship with bedtime and how changed after becoming a mom?

I used to have 2 hours before bedtime that was dedicated to winding down - watching tv, showering, reading, pottering around. Now that time is more deliberate. I don’t really watch TV anymore - as I’d rather spend that time doing something else.



What would you say to fellow moms who juggle time for themselves and time for their kids?

It’s a constantly changing relationship/feeling. At times, I feel like I’m winning the balance and then everything seems to go off the rails and I lose all time for myself. The time lost or any extra bit of time ends up going to cleaning or working. I do find the early mornings the only time that is consistent. It’s the time I can enjoy before everyone else is up.

What’s your favorite way to decompress with your kids (and without your kids)?

Nature walks! We love going on different trails - especially where there are no set paths. We’re all so much more relaxed after we spend an afternoon outdoors exploring. It’s a great reset for me and for us all.

What’s your ideal Mother’s Day look like?

Coffee in bed, then another cup in the garden would be the start. Followed by a breakfast burrito from Tacos Villa Corona. Gardening and a BBQ with the family would complete it.

What do you look for in your restwear?

Comfort, of course, but also feeling good in it. I want to be able to run around with the kids.

Describe your most perfect rest day (shoot for the moon!).

In no particular order: Bath. Read. Eat. Acupuncture. No devices.

Forget caffeine, if you could drink a magic morning concoction, what superpowers or strengths would it give you?

Clarity and focus. My brain is so scrambled with home to-dos and work to-dos, that I would do anything for my head to be clear and rested.

What’s something you wish your kids knew or understood better about being a mom?

I wish they knew that I want to be there for them every moment but I can’t. They make fun of me for always cleaning or working. I try really hard to stop what I'm doing to be in the moment with them but it’s not always possible.




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