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Keep Your Circadian Rhythm in the Dark

Let’s play a little bedroom game. Put your phone down (sry) and turn out the lights — what do you see? If not total darkness, we have work to do. Not only are unwanted light streams at bedtime kind of annoying, it turns out they’re actually bad for you. Don’t worry, this isn’t a hit piece on the invention of the lightbulb (you’re spared this round, Thomas Edison), just the ones that are infiltrating our sleep cycles.


According to Phyllis Zee, a neurologist from Northwestern University’s Center of Circadian and Sleep Medicine, light is a key regulator of our brain’s biological clock—and even moderate light at night seems to affect our brains. “That creates a state where your internal clock is going to be more misaligned with that of the social and sun clock,” Zee said. In other words, late-night light knocks us out of sync — making it much harder to get deep sleep (think REM stage). This means even the most passive disruption of a hallway light can affect your snooze levels, as well as your mood, metabolism, heart rate, and mental cognition.
When it comes to a lights-out approach, there are some things we can control (turning off the netflix binge session) and some things we can’t (your elusive neighbor’s 100-watt porch light). And while blackout shades are an option, sleep masks feel much more luxurious — and you don’t even have to get out of bed to let the morning light in, just slip it off and open your eyes. Not to mention, a recent study published in the journal Sleep reported that wearing a sleep mask at night can improve memory and alertness in the morning. What’s more luxurious than that?

Rest your eyes on our two favorite ways to get more quality zzz’s: Washable Silk Sleep Mask and Organic Pima Sleep Mask. Both of these lavish sleep companions are available in two unisex sizes for an ideal fit (and multiple colors)—bringing you the rest and relaxation you deserve.

Made from naturally moisturizing silk that can go right into the wash, our Washable Silk Sleep Mask helps you find total darkness wherever you zzzz. This washable mask is not only thermoregulating and noise-reducing, but it also doubles as a headband for your nightly beauty regimen. We love a multi-hyphen sleep professional.

Super breathable, and doesn’t irritate even the most sensitive skin, our Organic Pima Sleep Mask is made with GOTS-certified Organic Pima Cotton — which is even softer and more hypoallergenic than traditional Pima Cotton. Constructed with an elasticized back for a comfier fit, this design also helps muffle bothersome noises for a soother sleep (we’ll save sound disruptions for another day).

Tossing and turning? Interrupted dreams? Brain-fogged mornings? Consider these a thing of the past. Go to bed with our sleep masks, so you can wake up when you’re supposed to — and feel better doing it. Ah, the gift of sleep (without a glare). Don’t be surprised when your brain writes you a thank you note. Who knows, maybe it’ll even get you a matching sleep set.

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