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In an overly filtered world, Sarah Shabacon is refreshingly authentic. We’ve followed along with her for years and watched as she’s shared the real and sometimes messy parts of her life and journey through motherhood. As the founder behind Bohemé Goods, Suns of the Surf, and mom of two young boys, she has carved out a busy and beautiful life that is nothing short of inspirational. We caught up with her to talk about parenting styles (and why not to stress it), her ideal Mother’s Day, and the juggling act that is motherhood.

Sarah and family

You wear many hats (and lots of cute ones, we might add). Business woman, wife, mama — how do you balance between family life and career?

Once I accepted it’s not possible to balance the scales evenly I’ve been able to grow my relationships and my business on their own time without feeling like they’re competing for my time. Family always comes first and I’m grateful I have the ability to work for myself.

As a woman running her own business, what do you hope your role in the business world models for your children?

That anyone, from any background can start a business if they are patient and love what they do and that putting people and our planet before profit should be of the utmost importance, always.

Tell us how your relationship with bed/sleep has changed since motherhood.

You just reminded me I have my own bed… seriously though, with 2 boys who like me to lay with them while they fall asleep, 9 times out of 10 I just fall asleep with them. Waking up together and being able to talk about the day is a nice treat though.

Sarah and sons

What gets in the way of rest? Any favorite ways to unwind?

A pup who likes to wake me up at dawn and boys who can hear me trying to sneak out of their rooms when I think they’re asleep…. My favourite way to unwind is a shower before bed followed by my skin routine. Oh and I can’t forget “okay google play relaxing bedtime music” haha.

What can we currently find on your nightstand?

My jewelry, a book I have still yet to read (but swear I plan to) and rosebud lip salve.

We read your post on sharing your journey with Tourettes, thank you for your vulnerability and openness on the topic. What’s something you’d like to share with other mom’s who also have Tourettes and are navigating parenthood and working?

To accept it as part of your uniqueness and as a gift you can share your knowledge with others…with all the misconceptions out there about what Tourette’s really is, not a lot of people can recognize it, empathize with it or even understand it. When we share and talk about our experiences it can have a butterfly effect that may allow someone with Tourette’s grace from someone who would have otherwise never known what it is.

Tell us what surprised you most about motherhood.

How cool it is to relive childhood experiences a second time around from a different perspective.

on sofa

What type of mama are you? Relaxed, strict, routine…?

Relaxed without a doubt… I didn’t intend to parent this way; it just works best for our family dynamic and when they do try to take advantage of it which is natural, a reminder or talk about things usually does the trick.

AM to PM, tell us what your perfect Mother’s Day looks like.

Waking up in a Washable Silk Set from Lunya (obvs) and the bed filled with Ryan, the boys... and the dogs!

Advice for moms and moms-to-be?

Don’t put much pressure on yourself to identify with a parenting style... you won’t know until you meet your beautiful child(ren) what they need from you and how to keep a happy house.

Lastly, how do you maintain a neutral aesthetic with kids? Inquiring minds want to know.

Haha! It’s something that doesn’t cross my mind because it’s just part of who we are. Just like some families are into sportswear or some artistic families love splashes of colour and patterns in their home and personal style. It’s just another end of the spectrum to me and one that we find calming. In terms of neutral furniture aka our white couch - it has slipcovers and usually looks like a box of crayons and dirt exploded all over it but it’s easy to throw them in the wash and pretend we don’t eat / put our feet up and let the dogs up on it.

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