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Waking Up Slowly with Juliette Labelle

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No, there’s really no slow wake ups here. If you know Juliette Labelle from IG @juliettelabelle, you know that she’s busy being *quite literally* a cool mom. Cue the 4am wake ups! But she’s also busy blessing your feed with images of her everyday style, thoughts, and a peek into her growing family.

Here, she takes a break to pose for a few pics and let us pick her mom brain. Suited up in our new Washable Silk Wide Leg Crop Pant Set, she grabs a cuppa, sits back, and talks all things morning routine, traveling (finally), and life lessons as a new momma. C’mon, join us!

Has your morning routine shifted since becoming a mama?

Well, I went from waking up naturally and going downstairs to have my coffee/check my emails to being woken up anywhere between 4-6am to put a boob in my babies mouth, but I wouldn’t trade it in for the world!

You have 10 spare minutes in the day. How are you spending them?

Usually trying to get a nice sit down in on the couch whilst not moving or talking to anyone.

Biggest lesson motherhood has taught you so far?

STOP sweating the LITTLE things.
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How has your wardrobe changed now that you have a real life human to look after?

I have spent years collecting and amassing a wardrobe that I am really proud of. So it was important for me to fit into that wardrobe after birth and remain true to my style/taste.

How do you mix loungewear or sleepwear with the rest of your closet?

I love pairing lounge or sleepwear with something fancy. It’s so fun to throw on a beautiful pair of shoes with it, or reverse it and throw on a slide with a fancy dress. For me it’s all about balance, you’ve got to maintain balance.

With the world opening back up, where are you looking forward to traveling first?

Spain to see my grandparents and introduce them to my daughter who is their great granddaughter!
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Friend's in town for 24 hours in LA. Where are we going?

Honestly, my house and then Lolo’s for a glass of wine.

Overpacker or underpacker?

Overpacker, much to my husbands chagrin. However, nowadays it’s mostly overpacking baby things. 

Currently on your travel playlist?

Running Water Sounds for my daughter and Listening to the My Brilliant Friend series.
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