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What I Learned From A Week Of Juicing Day and Night

by Ashley Merrill, Founder + CEO


Juice has been getting a lot of talk these days. Kale this, spinach that. And who could forget dandelion greens and fennel?! We already know about most of the health benefits of juice: detoxification, reducing inflammation, weight loss. But the Lunya Team took a trip down to our favorite cold pressed juicery in Santa Monica, Orchard Flats, to learn more about what juice can do for our daily routines. For a week, I tried a juice during different times of the day to see how it affected my energy.


Monday Morning:

After a weekend filled with red wine and pumpkin desserts, I was ready for a healthy start to my week and looking for something to get me back on track. I skipped my morning coffee and asked the Orchard Flat’s team for a morning pick me up. They suggested Groundworks 1, a mix of beet, yam, carrot, bell pepper, beet greens, celery and ginger. Because of the root vegetable base, this juice acts as a strong detoxifier and also a meal replacement. Breakfast is served!


Groundworks 1 Juice


Aftermath: While not quite as filling as my standard scrambled eggs and avocado breakfast, I can happily report (as can my coworkers, I don’t do well when “hangry,”) that this roots-based drink filled me up till lunch. The juice has a strong beet flavor, with carrot adding some sweetness and finishing with a perfect ginger kick.


Tuesday Evening:

After a long day and a nighttime yoga class, I was looking for something to help ease me into sleep. I went for a mix of the watermelon and mint juice. Because of the vitamins in watermelon (C, A, B6), watermelon juice makes for a great post workout drink that aides in recovery and muscle soreness. The mint helps to promote digestion and is also very soothing, perfect for a nighttime drink. Added bonus: while as sweet as dessert, this juice only has 2 grams of sugar in the bottle! Guilt free.


Aftermath: Snoozefest USA…. I sipped this drink post-shower and was down for the count within an hour. Slipped on my Lunya PJs, curled up with Lena Dunham’s new book and hit the hay!


Wednesday Afternoon:

Happy hump day! 1 pm on a Wednesday. Officially halfway through the week, I desperately needed something to get me through the afternoon. I don’t like drinking coffee after lunch, so a green tea sounded like the perfect option.


Aftermath: The China Green Tea was a light, but effective pick me up to get through Wednesday afternoon. As a bonus, the sweetness of the pineapple & honey made it a great afternoon treat.


China Green Tea


Thursday Evening:

After a day of meals on the go, (including lunch in my car…) I really wanted to incorporate greens into my night. Looking for a juice to help me unwind, I went for the Greens 4, which lists ginger as a key ingredient. Commonly used in tea, ginger is known for its relaxing, stress-relieving properties.


Aftermath: While the juice was a delicious, healthy way to end my evening, it wasn’t enough to put me to sleep. I made a cup of valerian root tea to seal the deal with my evening of slumber.


Friday Morning Juice


Friday Morning:

TGIF. Getting out of bed today was slightly painful, and I couldn’t be happier it’s almost the weekend. After three straight days of a two shot Americano, I wanted to switch up my morning beverage in a lighter, but still caffeinated way.


Aftermath: Though not as strong as my usual AM caffeine boost, the Almond Milk Latte was insane. There is really no other way to describe it. The cinnamon, date, and vanilla bean ingredients make this drink feel like dessert for breakfast and almost too good to be true. This juice was everything I needed to get through the end of my Friday to the start of the weekend!


Almond Milk Latte


Will leave you with a recipe of my favorite pre-bedtime juice, loaded with magnesium, which helps promote relaxation, from the kale, romaine and celery. And of course, a touch of ginger for a relaxing and delicious finish. Best made using a masticating juicer!


Night Time Relaxation Juice Recipe:

  • 3 stalks organic celery
  • 1 cup organic kale
  • 1 cup organic romaine lettuce
  • 2 organic oranges
  • 1 organic lemon
  • 1 inch piece of fresh ginger

Instructions: Place all ingredients through juicer, stir, and sip!

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