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Wind Down with Alex Gervasi

Wind down with music aficionado, Alex Gervasi. Hailing from her roots as a radio DJ, to now curating influential playlists at an international record label, Gervasi knows how to keep herself busy. So where and how does rest fit into her schedule? Wouldn’t you like to know. Read on to find out.


Your IG handle is Alex on the Mic, where did that name originate from?

Before I worked on the label side, I was a radio personality for a decade. While Twitter was still new (I refused to call it by i's new name) and my career was just starting, I tweeted out asking if anyone had any new handle ideas and another radio personality said "how about @alexonthemic?" and I've been called that ever since.

You have one of the most unique jobs we’ve ever heard of. Can you tell us more about it?

I work for a major record label in the International Marketing department and do Global Playlist Programming. I really love it. Making playlists is just one aspect of my job, but to sum it up I basically try to figure out how to increase the number of streams through different curation strategies. I've done it with a few of my favorite artist's – including Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney, and more. I also am on the best team in the world and consider myself so lucky to work with some incredible people! Seriously, that is the main reason I love it... the people!

The music industry is not for the faint of heart. When you’re not at concerts or meeting with artists, what is your tried and true way to unwind?

I'm a true extrovert, so sometimes I need to force myself to stay in and relax. Lately, I've been enjoying putting on my favorite playlist and trying a new recipe. I'm not a natural cook, but I'm trying to get better! Plus, I love hosting so I'll invite a friend or two to come over in cozy clothes.


Where are you most likely to lounge while in your home?

My sofa always. I have a beautiful office that I really only take important calls from and the rest of the time you can find me working on my sofa in my living room, with the front door open to let the breeze in.


What can we currently find on your nightstand? Give us the tour.

SO GLAD YOU ASKED! Right now I have my laneige lip mask and eye patches because my friend/makeup artist Nova (@novakaplan) told me my under eyes are getting a bit dry (blaming it on the hormones I'm taking for egg freezing). Speaking of, I also have an ice roller to ice my stomach because of the nightly shots I'm giving myself for said egg freezing. A few other things include a dish for my rings, my Kindle, and crystals. Wow, I sound so LA.

What’s one part of your nighttime routine you couldn’t live without?

I will ALWAYS wash my face. I don't care where I am or what I've just gotten into – I will not go to bed without washing my face. So ideally, my Cerave face wash.

Favorite thing to wear to bed?

I promise I am not just saying this because of this interview but my Lunya Washable Silk Tee Set. It feels like butter on my skin and I think I've told everyone in my life that they need a set. If I could wear this to work, I would.


What is the trippiest dream you’ve ever had?

I always have really vivid dreams, but the first one I can remember was a nightmare I had when I was about five or six. The marionette from "Shining Time Station" that played the piano was chasing me around with a knife. Go ahead, look up "marionette jukebox band shining time station" on Google right now and tell me that if you dreamt that you wouldn't have a fear of marionettes for the rest of your life.


Last Q. How do you use music to impact your mood and what musicians or genres do you recommend we wind down to? Actually, do you mind just making us a restful playlist?

My favorite thing to do is make playlists based on what the mood or vibe is (so much so I made a career out of it). I think we're in a time where genres matter less and less because that's how people listen to music. I hope you like this, it's perfect for winding down, starting your day (slowly), cooking to, or just background music when you have a few friends over for apps.

Alex Gervasi’s Restful Playlist

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