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Wind Down with Lauren Johnson


Lauren Johnson is that girl — model, ceramicist, all around cool girl. Like any busy modern woman, she knows a thing or two about recharging after a long day spent in the studio or sculpting clay up to her elbows. We stopped by her LA bungalow, a light filled, peaceful space that espouses earthy, greenhouse vibes and got a tour of her in-house ceramics studio — major swoon. Let her approach to thoughtful living guide you through your day, and get to know all the ways Lauren loves to wind down.

Tell us about your nighttime rituals.

I make a cup of tea, check on any ceramic pieces drying, do my skincare and haircare routine, and play with the cats.

Favorite ways to slow down and unwind?

Nature. I love laying on the ground looking up at the sky, moving my body outdoors, laying around with my cats Iggy and Onyx, cleaning and tending to my plants, working on my ceramics, and having a great conversation with a close friend.

Last thing you do before bed?

Sip some water and kiss the boys.


What can we currently find on your nightstand?

An Oracle deck by Marcella Kroll , a stone my mother gave me that sits at the base of my lamp, my Lunya Weighted Silk Sleep Mask, Prunus candle by Boy Smells (it smells heavenly), and always, always a glass of water.

It’s crucial for balance. A good night of sleep completes and restarts the cycle of one's waking world, and vice versa.

Favorite thing to wear to bed?

Nude! Or any of my Lunya washable silk sets, and sometimes a baggy tee.

What does getting a good night’s sleep mean to you?

It’s crucial for balance. A good night of sleep completes and restarts the cycle of one's waking world, and vice versa. I like to think of that time as the hours my conscious and subconscious can make sense of the day.

When did you start creating ceramics? And what inspired you to go down this route in your career?

I did ceramics with my grandmother as a kid, and revisited it awhile after she passed. I grew up in a very creative family of artists with different mediums, making it very easy to try different ways of creating art. I like to think of my love for ceramics as an extension of one of my creative outlets.


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