30 March 2022

Musings on Art of Rest with Kristen Giorgi

“Resting artfully to me feels like the most important part of the creative process where ideas are born and passion builds while putting everything in life on pause and simply being. We cannot create beautiful things without rest.” – Kristen Giorgi, Artist


The Kristen Giorgi x Lunya capsule collection centers limited-edition sleepwear around the immense beauty of being in repose. The inspiration behind the collaboration emerges from Giorgi’s soul-searching journey of self acceptance across both physical and mental states. The notion that our bodies are truly living and breathing works of art overlaps seamlessly with the various ways we care for it – from how we start our days, to how we unwind, and every moment in-between. 

Here the idea that ‘rest is a work of art’ is born. Working in tandem with Lunya’s meticulousness of detailing and design, Giorgi’s contribution of artful expressionism is the invitation to celebrate our bodies as the masterpieces they are, while in celebration of elevating rest to new depths.

Read on to uncover Giorgi’s bedtime routine, and what helps her to feel Good in Bed:

KG Collab

Tell us about your creative process in working on this collaboration with Lunya.

Applying art as a print to a garment is tricky (I learned)! You really have to think about how it is going to be placed in the most flattering way possible so that it wraps around the body just right. I loved the idea of exactly that – bodies wrapped gracefully around a body. The paintings depict a group of women of all shapes, sizes bonding together in a supportive, artful way. The outcome feels sensual, yet elegant and connected. I also wanted the piece to have a bit of an Art Deco nod and I think we achieved that.


Why should anyone care what they look like when they sleep or lounge?  

I think it's always important to try to feel our best whether we are headed out for a night on the town or simply lounging on the sofa with a good book in hand. Feeling beautiful and confident makes all of life’s activities that much more joyful.


How do you seek to empower and celebrate women with your art? 

I feel so lucky that I have an avenue to celebrate women and promote confidence through my work. I think my paintings offer a feeling of peace and contentment. So many of us have had struggles throughout our lives pertaining to our body image and the relationship we have with ourselves and I think through art we are able to reach a level of that peace we are all seeking. I personally have found my work a form of therapy to help me with my body dysmorphia and self worth. I have reframed the constant shame and dissatisfaction with honor and love for this vessel I have been so blessed to have.


What are the three things you always have on your nightstand? 

Water, my iPad and lip balm.


What is your most sacred bedtime ritual?  

I’m not sure I can say, haha.


What does "Good in Bed" mean to you? 

I spend a ton of my life on my bed. I have so many tables and places to sit in my home, but I always find myself retreating back to my bed to work, to eat and to just sit with my thoughts. I would say so many of my best ideas and visions for paintings have happened while in bed. So with that said, I think I am extremely good in bed!


The Kristen Giorgi x Lunya capsule features limited-edition pieces as wearable artwork. Turn every moment of rest into your favorite artform (now you can lounge like one of those half-naked ladies in a famous oil painting).

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