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4 Sensual Tips for The Sleep You Deserve


We partnered with our friends and sex wellness gurus at Foria to give us their best tips for feeling good in bed – whether it be sleep (or that other thing). 

We’re told that getting enough sleep is key to our productivity in a fast-paced world. But has “do something about this insomnia problem” become just another item on a too-long to-do list?

Maybe it’s time to reframe our thinking about sleep – not only how many hours we get, but the quality of the rest we get. 

Even though modern life can make us feel like brains jacked into glowing boxes, our bodies are still mostly animal – sensuous and warmly living. The craving for deeply restorative sleep is like thirst, hunger, or lust, a profound need that keeps us whole.

In that spirit, we invite you to pursue your eight hours like you would a lover carrying a tray of cupcakes – with wholehearted passion.

1. Get back to nature.

Restorative sleep starts during the day – all day, every day. Over the millennia, our bodies have evolved to respond to the rhythms of the natural world: night and day, the changing of the seasons, and the temperatures, scents and sounds that remind us who and what we are.

So make sure you get enough time in the great outdoors, even if it’s just a nearby park. If you’re fortunate enough to live near green spaces with good trails, try wandering without a goal in mind. Watch at least one sunset per week if you can, and let the dimming light cue your body for rest.

And to bring the best of nature indoors, try a warm soak with Foria’s Relief Bath Salts with CBD and Kava. (Audio recording of forest sounds optional, but recommended.)

2. Turn off your phone – but not for the reason you think.

You’ve probably heard that artificial light from your phone screen disrupts your circadian rhythms, and it’s certainly true. If you tell your poor brain that it’s broad daylight when it’s time to go to sleep, you can’t blame it for being confused.

But there’s another, very important reason to turn your phone off for at least an hour before bed. Many of us “relax” by scrolling social media, which can be inherently stressful, especially when we’re trying to wind down.

“Aspirational” images of lives that seem perfect from the outside, vicious political arguments, wondering why nobody’s “liked” that awesome post you made or why that person you DMed earlier left you on read – it’s a nonstop parade of little anxiety triggers that keep you in your head, instead of that sleepy, sensual animal body of yours.

So kick social media out of bed, get into bed with you, and see how much more grounded you feel in general.

3. To slow down, get moving.

High-impact exercise too close to bedtime can actually wind you up. The endorphins generated by a fast run or a weight routine may make your body want to keep going. 

Instead, consider winding down with slow, mindful movement that just feels good, no matter what your FitBit has to say about it. Low-impact yoga, sensual dance (like bellydance, a tango with your partner if you have one, or make up your own), or a long, languorous stretching session can create a sensual space between the rest of the day and your beckoning bed, and bring you back into your body down to the fingertips.

If you do love your vigorous evening workouts, the next item on the list is our very favorite wind-down technique.

4. Indulge in satisfying solo sex.

Having an orgasm or two is a great way to tire yourself out, as most of us discover when we first start masturbating. But self-pleasure can quickly become routine, even mindless – just grab the vibe and get it done.

What if we decided to slow down, explore and enjoy ourselves? Treat ourselves like the lovers we are? Why not use our self–pleasure time as an oasis – an escape from to-dos and really-shoulds, a way to learn about what our bodies are capable of, even on our way to dreamland?

Try touching your whole body without a goal in mind, noting erogenous zones you usually neglect and discovering new ones. Explore sensual self-massage; Foria’s Sex Oil with CBD was designed to go everywhere. Ask yourself questions like "what would feel good to me now?" or "what kind of touch do I want to explore next?", or just roll around and let your sensations guide you.
And we always recommend using a good lube even when you’re by yourself, but to enhance sensation for the kind of deep orgasms that wipe you out in the best way, try Foria’s Awaken Arousal Oil – and thank us later.



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