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Nightstand Tour | Emily Wickersham

Emily Wickersham

Confidently comfortable, eyebrows to envy, her Pinterest worthy home , what's not to love...


We have been fan-girling over actress Emily Wickersham since we first discovered her on the hit show NCIS, which is about to premiere it's 16th (yes, SIXTEENTH) season next week. We stopped by her Beachwood Canyon home — a gorgeous space with plenty of plants, personal treasures, and natural light. See all of the details and how she unwinds for a good night's sleep below.


As an actress on a hit TV show, your days must be crazy busy. How do you unwind before bed?

If it’s not too late and my call time the next morning isn’t too early, I like to have a glass of red wine after a relaxing shower.


What can we currently find on your nightstand? Give us the tour!

All the books I’m trying to finish reading - Sacred Contracts amongst many others, Lucas Papaw lip balm, Genteal eye ointment for my super duper dry eyes, CBD, and calcium magnesium for a good nights rest.


Emily's nightstand


Bath or Shower?



Fave Binge TV show?

Schitt’s Creek


Emily in the Washable Silk Robe


What do you typically wear to sleep?

The Washable Silk Tee Set! I love it.


Emily reading a book


What's the atmosphere of your home?

It’s modern bohemian.


Describe your bed and the best thing about it.

It’s a Casper mattress wrapped in parachute sheets. It’s like a firm cozy cloud.


Emily's living space


Favorite late night indulgence?

Dark chocolate


After long days being on set, how do you prep your skin before bed?

I wash my face with LuzernLabs Face wash, Dr Goldfaden bright eyes, Kypris Antioxidant Dew, I mix DNA vitamin C crystals into a Kypris rose oil.


Emily in Restore


If you had to pick, good sleep or good sex for the rest of your life?

Hmm... that's a toss up!


Which outfit from our collection would be the most "you" and why?

The joggers because they’re causal and low key.


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