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What Keeps You Up At Night?


ATTN: hot sleepers, cold sleepers, and even #TeamNoSleep. Don’t let a little tossing and turning keep you from your dream sleep. From thermoregulating fabrics that will have you feeling just right to breathable layers that won’t get you hot and bothered, find out what we can't sleep without.

Your organic percale sheets are fresh from the dryer, your blackout shades are meticulously drawn, and your white noise sound machine is set to soothing waterfall. The conditions for your ideal sleep are really lining up, in theory. But even the most pristine environment for rest isn’t always a match for your… err, sleeping tendencies. We’re talking to you, hot sleepers, and cold sleepers, and while we’re at it, tossers and turners, too. 

Luckily for sleepers of all varieties (you), we’re what you’d call purveyors of better sleep — and our dreamy uniforms speak for themselves. From thermoregulating fabrics that will have you feeling juuust right to breathable layers that won’t get you hot and bothered (unless you’re into that). Take a peek into our sleepwear drawers to find out what we can't rest without.


Waking up overheated at night? Research has shown that up to 41% of people are affected by night sweats. From hormones to climate shifts to letting your dog sleep in your bed, the list of reasons can be pretty exhaustive. But regardless of outside factors, your core body temperature naturally drops before sleep, and this leads to heat in your extremities (kick those socks off before you get in bed). So give yourself a leg up (or a leg out), try one of these thermoregulating styles:

Soft Modal Rib Henley

“As a certified Hot Sleeper™️, our soft modal rib is a dream. So cooling. I especially love that I can wear the henley and feel covered while getting ready for bed in the chillier months, but stay cool when I start heating up during the night.”


Washable Silk Sleep Tee

“I love wearing an oversized tee for bed, a childhood habit I may never grow out of. So wearing the Washable Silk Sleep Tee is like my grown-up version of this. Luxury meets nostalgia, what could be better?”

Honorable Mention: Washable Silk Bias Slip Dress

An Ode To Cold Sleepers

As we mentioned, your body temperature drops before bed (big ‘per our last email’ energy). And because of this, for those of us known as ’cold sleepers’, our internal thermostat has to work harder to get back to our ideal temperature — making it harder to fall asleep when you’re feeling extra chilly. Cue cozy things:


Slumberknit™ Long Sleeve Set

“When it comes to being chill, I take it too literally. So I need a fully covered combo that will keep me cozy, no matter the season. That’s why the Slumberknit™ Long Sleeve set is my go-to. This buttery-soft cotton blend is perfectly weighted; breathable for summer and just right for winter.


Cozy Cotton Silk Henley 

“One word: obsessed. I am always cold, so finding a layer that is warm enough for nights in, but cool enough to wear out the door is a win-win. The Cozy Cotton Silk Henley has my best interests in mind with every wear.”

Complete the look with these: Cozy Cotton Silk Ribbed Leggings

Interrupted Schedules Incoming

The science is there, but we know your body (and brain) feel it the most. When your sleep cycle process is interrupted — like say, baby feedings during the night or your sleep partner’s alarms — your entire sleep process starts over again. As a result, you miss out on the stages of sleep you need most (like REM). And without sufficient REM, your cognitive performance and emotional well-being… well, suffer. End the suffering with these:


WS Sleep Mask

“My sleep schedules have never been perfect, but now that I have a newborn at home, I’ve entered a new era of Team No Sleep. So I take advantage of every moment to catch up on zzz’s — all thanks to the Washable Silk Sleep Mask. It totally blocks out light (and even noise) for that 3:30pm cat nap between feedings and meetings.”


Moon Juice Sleepy Magnesi‑Om

“After first trying Magnesi-om I emailed Amanda (the founder of Moon Juice) asking her why it helps so much and she told me, ‘stress depletes magnesium – the three forms of magnesium I use are extremely bio available and cross the blood brain barrier and help to regulate the hypothalamus. In turn, the HPA axis- soothes your adrenals, nervous system, muscles and more. The l-theanine is an amino acid that gets your brain into alpha wave state. That’s also what happens when you meditate.’ I can't say that I deeply understand all of the details here, but I will say this blend puts me to sleep like none other and I find I don't feel groggy in the morning.”  

Another sleep companion to try: Organic Pima Sleep Mask

Wrestling With Restlessness?

Whether it was that 4:00pm Americano (accidents happen) or tomorrow’s early morning flight that you just can’t miss, there are a lot of culprits for tossing and turning all night. But none of them make up for those 8+ hours of uninterrupted sleep that simply didn’t happen. Lessen the disturbances with dreamier pieces:


Washable Silk Cami Pant Set

“I am an incredibly restless sleeper who constantly tosses and turns, so I need something that gives me some breathing room when I enter thrasher mode. The side slits on the Washable Silk Cami Pant set let me move freely, especially when I need to throw my leg out from under the sheets.”


Soft Modal Rib Racer Back TankSoft Modal Rib Boyshort

“I hate the feeling of being constricted or tangled in sheets while sleeping, so the Seamless Modal Boyshort and Bralette are my perfect pair for snoozing. With a second-skin feel that hugs my body, I am locked in for the best nap of my life.”

Want more? Slip these on: Washable Silk High-Rise Pant set


We get it, creating the perfect bedtime routine is a highly-revered artform — and we can hear that long sigh (read groan) when you wake up without enough hours to show for it. So give yourself the gift of sleep by gifting yourself sleepwear that has your back… and your front… or whichever side needs more (or less). With better zzz’s and a matching set, who said you can’t have it all?



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