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Put a Nightly Masseuse Into Rotation

If there’s one great unifier of our planet, it’s that no one seems to be getting enough sleep. Whether it’s your own stress or anxiety, your partner’s tossing and turning, your neighbor’s new motorcycle, kids, pets, roommates, the list goes on — there are disruptors around every corner (and some even call you by name). We’re all chasing those elusive seven to eight (dare we say, nine?) hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. And yet, so few can actually achieve it. 

Maybe you’ve committed to a nightly meditation practice or given screen breaks a real shot, is that another chamomile tea in the pantry? But there’s one thing you may not have tried and it’s scientifically proven to help achieve more zzz’s: percussive therapy. Don’t worry, it doesn’t involve a full-time, live-in masseuse (add that to your next manifestation sesh).

Percussion and vibration-based therapies have been used for way longer than we’ve been complaining about lack of sleep (aka centuries). This treatment involves rapid, concentrated pulses — and in today’s world, is most commonly used in the form of massage guns {Therabody enters the chat}. That’s right, the much-talked-about Theragun not only relieves aches, pains, and fatigue, but it actually helps you sleep better. Relieving tension from your muscles with routine percussive therapy allows your body to relaaax (for once), making it that much easier to enter a sleep-ready state. 

Over and over again, Therabody scientists have heard that using Theragun before bed results in better sleep. So they put these rumors to the test. Throughout a five-week study, they had the participants follow their typical nighttime routine for two weeks, then use the Theragun before bed for the next two weeks, and lastly, return to their typical routine for the final week.

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During the two-week Theragun period, the results were abundantly clear…

87% of participants fell asleep faster

70% of participants experienced more efficient sleep

56% of participants had a better sleep score (aka sleep duration + time spent in deep sleep + number of awakenings)

Aside from the sleep scores, this study also captured the participants’ pain and soreness. As expected, all of the participants experienced a less achey body, but the pre-snooze percussive therapy also improved heart rate and blood pressure—ultimately showing signs of improvement in overall health, longevity, performance, and recovery. As if sleeping one hour longer wasn’t the only reason to tap into your Theragun era.

You don’t have to be an extreme athlete to enjoy all the benefits of the Theragun, you just have to enjoy better, longer, more efficient sleep (count us in). Not to mention, the Theragun Mini 2.0 easily slips into nightstand drawers and travel bags alike. Plus, it's Bluetooth-enabled so you can access an entire library of personalized wellness routines within the Therabody app. Making it that much easier to factor into your pre-bed ritual — whether you’re in the comfort of your own home or away on holiday. Adding another bullet point to your nighttime routine has never… 




{percussive therapy in session}


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