14 April 2022

Moms of Lunya

Moms know sleep deprivation. And with the Lunya team spending all their working hours obsessing over elevating rest for more people,you can just imagine how sleep-focused that makes the moms of Lunya. So we sat down with four of them to talk all things snoozy.
You’ll meet Shana, Logistics Coordinator and mom of four, Fatimah, Regional Area Manager and mom of three, Shruthi, Senior Planner and mom of two, and Kim, Merchandise Planner and mom of two.

 most important job

What has being a mother taught you?

Shana: Motherhood has transformed me into being a more humble, patient, and accepting person. It’s taught me that my life is meant for more than just living for myself, but I can still keep my individualism and be a good mother to my children. I don't have to lose being me – as a person – to be family-orientated.

Fatimah: Being a mother has taught me to trust my instincts. Following your gut, especially in those early days, will be a better guide than most advice you may receive from others.

What’s your dream gift this Mother’s Day?

Fatimah: Rest.

Kim: My dream gift is the gift of calm. Not having to make plans, manage schedules, pick where we eat, break up fights, or have anything on the agenda.

Silk Robe

That’s the Lunya way! Knowing that all of us believe in the power of R&R, how do you get by when it can be so seemingly elusive?

Kim: Well, as tough as mornings can be, they can also be the sweetest and most optimistic time of the day. It’s a new start. I love waking up and waiting for one or both of my kids to jump into bed and cuddle for a couple minutes before we start up our crazy days.

Fatimah: I learned pretty early on in my motherhood journey that I can’t sacrifice my rest. If I am not at my best, then I am not my best for them, and I unapologetically make time for it.

at my best

Okay, so give us the inside scoop – what Lunya picks are must-haves?

Shana: After the kids are asleep, the silk robes give me a moment to really appreciate myself. It’s a simple luxury that’s just mine.

Shruthi: Similar theme here – I’m a fan of the Washable Silk Set.

Kim: I love Cozy Cotton Silk and Organic Pima. They allow me to be super comfortable, yet look pulled together while I am out in the world. Perfect for weekend soccer and baseball games!

Fatimah: Yes! The Organic Pima Long Sleeve Tee and Organic Pima Wide Leg Pant are my winners.

Silk Set

Let’s close out with a taste of that motherly wisdom.

Fatimah: The overwhelming love and adoration you feel for your kids is so real. It’sa love like no other and it’s my greatest honor.

Shruthi: It’s the most important job in the world. We are nurturing little beings, trying to keep them alive,healthy, and groom them to be amazing contributors to society.

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