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14 April 2022

Gifts for Sleep-Deprived New Moms

PSA: breakfast in bed is best served with silk between the sheets.
While motherhood can sometimes feel like a cruel and unusual sleep deprivation experiment, a good night's rest is not only essential to wellbeing, but a necessary part of returning to the natural rhythm of life pre-baby. To help aid the new mom in your life through this magical (and insane) time of life, we’re sharing some of our favorite Lunya pieces that’ll help her make the most of every second of shut-eye she manages to sneak in. (Here's hoping it's a lot!).


Sleep when the baby sleeps. Lol.

As any new mom can attest, squeezing in an hour of sleep whenever and wherever you can get it is key to survival. Sometimes that might mean on the living room floor. Under a pile of laundry. In broad daylight. Enter the Washable Silk Sleep Mask — essential to preserving sanity (and REM cycles) in those early days. It blocks out light so she can take a catnap at any hour of the day, and silk is super delicate on the eye area, minimizing any possible wrinkling. Pro tip: snag her partner one too — they are going to need it. And, treating her to our Washable Silk Pillowcase isn't a bad idea either.

Incredible boobs, just when she needs them the least.

Balancing effortlessness with supportive construction, our Soft Supportive Seamless Modal Bralette is everything she (and her giant new boobs!) need for restful nights and do-nothing days. Constructed from our signature seamless modal for optimal softness, zero seams, and maximum comfiness, it has just the right amount of support for when her boobs feel like they could, quite literally, explode.


Her collection of thongs are now dead to her.

Speaking of support, the super-soft and seamless Soft Supportive Seamless Modal Boyshort + Brief are great for while she’s recovering from labor and perfect for wearing once she’s into her fourth trimester. The mid-rise bottoms smoothing construction offer mom the gentle support she needs, and the fabric contains 7% Elastane, so it can accommodate various stages of belly, for post-pregnancy and beyond.

Easy access for the win.

Ideal for nursing moms, the Organic Pima Romper makes it easy to look put together while keeping up with constant feeding schedules. This pull on style is perfect for pumping or feeding at the drop of a pacifier, but if we're being honest, it's a practical pick for all moms because of the lightweight, breathable fabric and ease of wear.

In loving memory of spa days.

When the closest she can get to a spa day is the steam from the dishwasher misting over her tired face, The Robe will transport her to a calmer time. Luxuriously soft with a super flattering silhouette, it will make her feel put together, even on day 3 without a shower. Also, it’s perfect for slipping on when her in-laws show up unannounced.


Ouch, ouch, ouch.

Soon enough, her adorable bundle of joy will learn how to use their hands. And when they do, she’s going to want the Washable Silk Classic Scrunchie. Like, a lot of them (maybe opt for the 3-pk?). Not only will it make her ‘mom bun’ look chic as hell, the silk is also gentle on hair and reduces friction that prevents knotting and other damage.



Comfortable, stretchy, supportive – she’s going to live in these. Constructed from a ribbed modal for ample stretch and recovery, the Soft Supportive Seamless Modal Crop Legging will be her new companion for bedtime, naptime, and picking-up-yet-another-new-toy-off -the-floor-time. The Cozy Cotton Silk Ribbed Legging is another great option for when she’s in between sizes and needs something with some stretch.

Did someone say spit-up?

WASHABLE. Silk. Need we say more? Feels luxurious but goes right into the washing machine along with all of the (relentless) piles of baby laundry.

silk sheets

Night sweats. Because, of course.

Running hot postpartum is a thing. Luckily, good things come to those who sweat. Gift her that “cold side of the pillow” feeling all night long with our naturally thermoregulating Washable Silk Sheets. A set would be particularly appreciated during a spring or summer delivery, but we don’t discriminate.

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