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Who wants more dessert?

Call us old fashioned, but Thanksgiving is the one day a year that we look forward to because we can shamelessly stuff our faces to no end. It is also of course nice to spend quality time with friends and family, but the food is really where it’s at.

It’s easy to drop into a food coma — I mean we are grazing throughout the day, it’s a marathon not a sprint right? Here at Lunya, we are obviously all about comfort and wanted to highlight our go to players for turkey day. You’ll want to wear something that’s going to work with you, not against you.

Read on to get your strategy to stay comfy while being able to eat and enjoy as much as you can (while still leaving room for that extra piece of pie).

We’re giving thanks for elastic waistbands

High rise pant

Organic Pima Wide Leg Pant

Nothing says ready to eat, sleep, repeat like high waisted wide leg pants. These loose, super flattering pants have a great shape and are elegant enough to fool anyone into thinking you aren’t in actual sweats. Plus, lots of room to not move freely. These are definitely serious eating pants.

CCS Ankle pant

Cozy Cotton Silk Relaxed Ankle Pant

These pants are easy to wear and still have an elevated look that lets your family know you aren’t here to play, you’re here to eat. A drawstring for added ease and comfort, and perfectly relaxed in multiple colorways. Grab your size and grab your mashed potatoes, the perfect combination (until the next course).

Your Tryptophan nap uniform

High Rise Short

Organic Pima High Rise Short

We have no business saying what your turkey day recovery plan should be but… whatever it is, do it in these shorts. Not your average pair of shorts at all, these are a perfect combination of cool and comfortable. The flattering waistband sits above your belly so you don’t need to worry about unbuttoning your pants or bulging out (hey, it happens).

Cozy Cotton Silk Pocket Henley

Cozy Cotton Silk Pocket Henley

Comin’ in hot with another perfectly oversized piece (we mean overeatingoversized, makes sense). This sweater pairs roomy comfort with just enough fitted design details like ribbed sleeve cuffs and button-down collar — to keep you feeling put-together (and unrestricted) from dinner roll to dessert.

Who said looking cute while eating leftovers isn’t a skill?

Button Cardigan

Cozy Cotton Silk Button Front Cardigan

Find a moment to rest and exhale from the chaos of food, relatives and conversations and slip into this perfectly cozy cardigan. Slouchy and oversized, it’s the perfect piece that says I’m full, I’m digesting, but maybe I’ll eat more later...she gives you room to have options (we love that about her!)

double Faced pullover

Restore Double Faced Pullover

Last but not least, the favorite, the crowd pleaser, because who doesn't love curling up into a pullover hoodie after overeating? The cozy structured silhouette is the leisure moment you’ve been waiting for and thinking about since the first bite of turkey. This hoodie is so spacious you may just get lost in it (no really we did first time trying it on). Pull it on, take a nap, eat some pie - in that order. 

Be sure to put on some or all of these pieces for the best turkey snooze you’ve ever had. We’re still eyeing the pie but we’re right behind you.

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