Interviews 21 June 2022

Wind Down with Sacha Strebe

We made’s finally the end of the day...pour the wine, tea, get into your favorite Lunya, and sprawl out with us and the lovely Sacha Strebe.

Sacha Strebe in Lunya

A connoisseur of words, Sacha Strebe didn’t just stumble into the world of interior design and home décor, she wrote her way there. As the current Editorial Director of EyeSwoon, she’s California cool without trying — it’s not just her mix of mid century furniture, it’s her whole effortless, intellectual lens of living, and we love it. We couldn’t help but find ourselves dreaming of her go-to products, routines, and nighttime rituals...lucky for us we got to hear all things in her skincare arsenal, (and evening routine of course). Let’s wind down. 
Describe your mood today in 3 words or less. 
Optimistic. Focused. Grateful.
Favorite ways to slow down and unwind? 
I give myself an at-home facial, and I'm talking the lot—cleansing massage, gua sha,  dermaplaning, peel, mask, microcurrent, etc. It always restores my energy and puts me in a good mood. 
Last thing you do before you go to sleep?
I like to tuck our son into bed. I lay down next to him and we chat through the day. We've been doing this since he was a toddler and now he's almost 14. It's such a special time for both of us, to connect and reflect. 
Lunya Organic Pima Collection
What can we currently find on your nightstand? 
Osea vagus nerve pillow mist, Juna Ease Functional CBD Body Oil,  Vitruvi Stone Diffuser, Lunya Washable Silk Sleep Mask, earplugs, Journey to the Heart by Melody Beattie, a vase of branches, and Make Pink Matter lip balm, bottle of water, quartz crystal, Systane gel drops, Emilie Heath exfoliating lip balm (I LOVE this product!), Native Atlas Movement Oil (rub it on your temples and jawline to get rid of headaches and tension).
The one product you use to the last drop?
Cosmedix Eye Doctor. I am obsessed. It acts as an eye cream/gel and a highlighter with its opalescent finish. I cut the bottom open when I can't squeeze anymore out and scrape every last remnant so nothing is wasted. I also use it on my lips.
Recent skincare splurge?
Omnilux LED mask. 
We know interiors are a passion of yours, what are some key pieces that can make a room feel more personal to you?
  1. Used art books—I'm always looking for them on eBay, Etsy, and Thriftbooks. Their patinated covers bring a sense of history and personality to any space. 
  2. Vintage clay vessels + old terracotta pots—they add a touchable texture that engages the eye and evokes a warm, cozy sentimental feeling. Bonus points if you fill them with branches! 
  3. Candles—a mix of scented varieties, floor candles, and taper candles in unique holders always make a room feel like home.
What role can interiors and bedroom design have in improving your sleep?
I believe it has a huge impact on how we sleep. In general, I would prefer to keep our room super minimal in terms of design and remove all clutter, but since we live in a small apartment that's not really possible. But one thing we did do last year was to essentially turn our bedroom into one big bed. We designed a large wooden bed frame and had it custom-made by our friend, Omar Call in a beautiful light birch. Now our room is devoted to sleeping and we love to spend time lounging on the weekend, watching movies via a projector, and blissfully enjoying the breeze from the window as we read or nap. It's heaven.

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