Interviews 23 September 2021

Ashley Abbott’s Sanctuary For Work, Rest and Play

Ashley Abbott is GOOD IN BED*

*From work to rest, she does it all.

Ashley Abbott is a mother, model and modern day Crystal healer and shepherdess — connecting humans with consciously curated minerals for alignment and wellbeing. So it’s no surprise then, that she has a good handle on curating a sanctuary of her own at home. Self care, soft music and — *Spoiler Alert* — a little Lunya are on her list of bedroom must-haves.
Ashley Abbott wearing the Washable Silk Tee Set
What does good in bed mean to you?

Good in bed, for me, is the ultimate self care. It means prioritizing oneself, honoring what we need — which may be connection, stillness, some soft music, a good book, or a great night's sleep. For me, my bed has always been a sanctuary. A place for me to unwind and relax.

What (or who) is currently in your bed.

Always some french linen sheets with silk pillowcases. And sometimes my daughter sneaks her way into bed with me too :)

Describe how you would spend an entire day in bed.

This sounds like a dream day! Resisting the urge to reach for my phone, I'd start my morning slowly with some tea in bed while I journal out my morning pages. Then the day would usually consist of me reading my current book (which, right now, is On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong and I 100% recommend), eating a delicious breakfast in bed, and finally reaching for my phone/computer to send some emails and organize work stuff. The day would also involve some movies and TV because that's always been my way to decompress, and maybe I'd pair that with a glass of wine in the evening to truly unwind.

Washable Silk Fabric on Ashley - Robe and Set
Bedtime ritual you can’t live without?

Reading before falling asleep instead of being on screens. I've realized it helps me so much with the quality of my sleep!

How do you make your bedroom a sanctuary?

Ambiance is key. I always have candles lit, as I prefer warm candlelight to fluorescent lighting, and good scents are crucial for me. I also love having meaningful objects around my room — like things handed down to me from my mother, or pieces of art. Having plants and crystals in my space also offers me this connection to nature which is so soothing for me.

What would people be surprised to learn you do in bed?

Probably working from bed — because I'm surprised about it too! I see my bed as my sanctuary, as a place to completely let go. But over the past couple years, as I've been working from home more, I've found myself sitting in bed with my laptop more and more. This is not something I'd usually do. I think having a separation between work and rest is important. But who doesn't love lounging while writing emails?!

Ashley in Pink Lunya Silk
First thing you do when you wake up?

Drink water, stretch

Last thing you do before you go to sleep?


I hit the snooze button Never!

I usually never use an alarm because I naturally wake up when the sun rises everyday, which has evened out lately to 6:30am.

Ashley in her bedroom
Favorite thing to wear to bed and why?

I love the Washable Silk Set by Lunya because it is such a sensual experience to wear! And it matches my bedroom colors perfectly.

What can we currently find on your nightstand?

Crystals, a book, two candles and a glass of water.

Connection is best done in bed.

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