Interviews 02 December 2020

Honey, I'm Home!

Meet Sam — Lunya’s Art Director and an early employee to the company. You might recognize her face as it’s currently plastered all over our website (she also moonlights as our eComm model). Known for setting the office mood: lighting candles, burning sage, and occasionally leading a group mediation, she frequently reminds us of our roots and has been known to pull off any creative challenge (and trust us, there have been MANY). 



at home with Sam Sing



What are you doing?

Living in Zoom or FaceTime and on speakerphone. My bed is my new office and I have to say… meetings in bed were not a foreign concept working for Lunya, but now I just get to take every meeting in bed. When I am not connecting with work, I am connecting with my peeps and getting outside. There’s no time like the present to say hi, what’s up, I miss you.



Sam in the Siro Bike Short

Sam wears the Siro Bike Short and Supportive Modal Seamless Bralette



What are you wearing?

The latest and greatest from Lunya, the Siro Bike Short. It’s soft, slinky, and holds you in. It’s warming up here (kinda) in LA and I am getting really excited for summer. The bike short pairs well with a crop, oversized shirt or bralette… leaving me forgetting what jeans actually feel like. 






What have you found to be your favorite spot in the house?

Depends on the day, mood, season, hour :) Home means a lot to me. I am a big advocate for setting the tone, designing your space to be a safe haven — to me, you must turn inward in order to achieve. I spend a lot of time observing what makes me feel at my best — sound, light and scent are major parts of the equation:


Sound - I have a bit of a theme in causing emotional whiplash to those who have spent time in my house. Early AM, you can hear soft instrumental tunes that typically relate to my body slowly waking and then there’s a quick transition to J Balvin. By the evening, I may be jamming to Lizzo or French Lounge... you just never know! 


Light - if I could live only by candle light, I would. Soft diffused light is easy on the eyes — I am uninterested in LED bulbs or color temperature conflict. 


Scent - I like to describe this as a fine mix of a stealthy man who smokes a bit too much with my great grandmothers musk and a touch of rose that sweetens the deal. I have a full drawer dedicated to the cause — incense, candles, room sprays — always subtle, of course. 



Sam in the Washable Silk Tee Set and Siro Bike Short

Sam wears the Siro Bike Short, Washable Silk Tee Set, and Cozy Cotton Silk Sock



How has this experience changed you?

The last few weeks have brought up a lot of nostalgic memories and a reminder of what my work is rooted in. I moved from Minneapolis five years ago to begin the journey of Lunya. It was a wild journey back then — if you can remember a life where Instagram hadn’t fully ruled the world yet (it was just getting started) and what we had at our fingertips was a camera, photo samples, a concept of sleepwear for the modern woman, and zero dollar budgets. I spent my time capturing every corner of my home in an attempt to show a perspective that would allow women to see that they deserved to feel confidently comfortable. It soon became very obvious — to create a simple version of reality. We used friends, their homes, and began to capture what morning and evening looked like in their simplest form. As natural as possible. No hair and makeup. Not too many accessories. Beds were undone and wrinkly. We needed to show her that where she was at was exactly where Lunya was meant to live. 


Today, I am back in that same space. The same challenge stands in front of me, how do we make you feel confidently comfortable, even in this strange time confined to four walls and a messy undone bed — times where life may feel a bit chaotic, uncertain, and quite unnerving. Lunya was made for this moment. On the bright side there are long mornings in your robe, the time to read every page of the paper, FaceTime with friends, and having nowhere to be — except for right here. As funny as it may sound, it’s freeing. It has turned my self-awareness up and quieted down the extra noise of interruption and marriage to an aggressive schedule. It’s simple and though that can be uncomfortable, I’ve been doing a lot of work on answering why… this experience has gotten me very comfortable with simple. 


What are you listening to?

Here’s the thing… I push play to the same song 15 times a day and make it :36 seconds into the song and a new call starts. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t default to Bieber and I can crush Forever’s  “whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh” at this point. 



Sam wearing the Siro Bike Short with the Cozy Alpaca Fleece Crop Sweatshirt

Sam wears the Siro Bike Short, and Cozy Cotton Silk Sock



What are you eating (and drinking, TBH?)

Currently living off of ginger tea. The secret to get it burning your throat - ginger concentrate. 



Sam in the Washable Silk Tee set and Siro Bike Short 


What are you doing to differentiate the days?

I’m using Strava to record and share my walks. This has allowed me to see where others are working out and it’s cool to find new pockets of the city to walk through. Meditation has been top of mind and I am taking notes in the Calm app so I can reflect on what emotional waves the days bring. Tracking has been important for my mind to stay clear and focused and it's been a useful tool during these uncertain times. Getting ready is another way to create some change. It may seem a bit silly to get ready to go no where... but let's not get too carried away - this usually means changing from my AM Lunya to my PM Lunya at around 5pm every day. 


I hope you're all staying safe. That's all for now!


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