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Interviews 03 April 2021

"Flour" Power with Loria Stern

Making the FIRST EVER LUNYA PRINT was no small feat. When we decided the big debut would be florals, we knew we had to consult a highly skilled flower professional. *oven timer dings* Enter botanical chef + baker Loria Stern. We’ve been fans of her edible flower garden and coveted almost-too-pretty-to-eat confections for a while now, so we were overjoyed when she agreed to the collaboration of our dreams.
Here, she takes a break from whipping up her beloved cakes, cookies and pastries to discuss her flourishing business, her favorite piece from the new collection, and perhaps most importantly — butter. We can smell something yummy baking in the oven just thinking about it.
How did baking with fresh flowers become your passion?

Growing up in Ojai, CA; I'm a nature girl at heart. I've always opted for the all natural treat (think bran muffin) rather than the food dye laden treat (think sprinkle donut). Combining brightly colored edible botanicals in baked goods came natural to me as my knowledge as a pastry chef expanded.

Your shortbread cookies sparked a full-blown instagram frenzy — Is there a certain cookie or cake that’s most popular now that your business is flourishing?

I would say the flower shortbread cookies are still the star of the show ;)

Loria in Silk Robe
Are there any lessons that gardening + baking have taught you?

(Patience, care, embracing beauty in the little things/embracing natural beauty, etc. ) Gardening and baking are both science and art that require patience and humility. These hobbies turned careers, have both taught me to enjoy the process, which oftentimes comes out differently than I had expected, and that is always beautiful too.

Favorite herb. / Favorite veggie. / Favorite fruit. / Favorite flower.
Cilantro. Sweet potatoes. Grapes! Roses, daisies and violas.
Loria in her garden with flowers and Lunya sleepwear
What made you interested in teaming up with Lunya?

I love Lunya fabrics, their silks are top of the line. I was so excited to provide them with my edible flowers that ended up becoming a beautiful print.

Favorite piece to lounge in from the Floral Collection.

The matching PJ set, with the robe over of course.

Loria on her couch with coffee
Ever burn anything in the oven? Asking for a friend.

Haha, YES. Tons of things. I still do when I don't set timers, always frustrating but a good reminder that I should always set timers.

Cake or cookie. / Milk or cream. / First piece or last bite. / Butter or butter.
Cake! Cream. First piece. BUTTER!
colorful floral silk lunya
When you’re not baking and gardening, you’re:

Painting or hiking.

Your favorite cooking show to indulge in, if any.

I love Chef's Table, it's produced so beautifully.

Sweetest thing you’ve done for someone else?

Cooking food for people is my love language.



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