Interviews 01 February 2021

Getting Hype with Alyssa Coscarelli

While we’re all positive vibes for 2021 and the days and months ahead, it never hurts to have a little extra boost to make us smile, feel happy in our space, and keep us energized throughout our leisure hours.
So we reached out to Alyssa Coscarelli (or as you may know her on the internet, @alyssainthecity). We asked her to take a break from posting the outfits + interiors of our dreams and suit up in our new Energized Pink Washable Silk. Here, she offers up a few hot takes on how she stays motivated throughout the day — from hype playlists and afternoon pick-me-ups, to the person who leaves her feeling the most supported. Spoiler: Ariana Grande makes an appearance — scroll on, let’s go.
Alyssa in the Silk Set
So, how is your energy today?

A bit anxious (who isn't these days) but at peace in the comfort of my home, my sanctuary.

Describe your mood in 3 works. Go.

Centered, grateful, yet sleepy.

What do you do to energize yourself — in the morning, afternoon, whenever?

I don't drink coffee or tea, but instead find physical movement to be super energizing, whether I do some pilates in the morning or some stretches or a walk in the afternoon.


Alyssa in energized Pink
How do you show up as the hype woman in your own life?

I share myself authentically with the world every single day and that in itself is being my own hype woman.

Is there a mantra or affirmation you use when you need to give yourself a little lift?

You are enough. I actually have a tattoo of this on my right arm, and it serves as the best reminder when I seem to forget...

Your favorite get hype playlist - what kind of music is on it?

My best friend has a playlist called "Better Than Drugs" that has feel-good music from the '90s and 2000s, from Janet Jackson and Beyonce to Shania Twain and Jennifer Lopez. It always hypes me right up and turns into a sing-a-long, ha.


Alyssa in Silk robe and Tee Set
Favorite song to play when you need a little mood boost?

No Tears Left to Cry - Ariana Grande.

What self-care rituals make you feel the most refreshed?

I'm addicted to face masks, I usually do one every day.

What keeps you moving throughout the day?

The natural sunlight that floods my home throughout the day.


alyssa in Lunya silk racer dress
What bevvy or snack is your go-to afternoon pick-me-up?

I love a smoothie or an açai bowl any time of day.

What person in your life leaves you feeling the most recharged and supported?

My mom is always my #1 fan and biggest supporter.

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