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22 April 2019

Going Organic Never Felt so Good

Happy Earth Day, sleepyheads!

Don't panic, it's organic. 

In honor of one of our favorite holidays we’re celebrating the launch of our new, more sustainable, GOTS certified Organic Pima Collection. For what it’s Earth (get it?), we know that even the best things can sometimes use an upgrade, so when the chance came to improve upon our traditional Pima cotton, we jumped at it. Our new Organic Pima is better for you and the environment, including the workers who take it from farm to garment.


But what does GOTS certified really mean? Well, it stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, and it’s the world’s leading processing standard for organic textiles. Not only does the fabric have to meet a high level of environmental criteria to be certified, but it also has an added layer of social compliance as well, backed up by independent certification of the ENTIRE supply chain—now that’s something we can get behind.


And while we love more sustainable, Earth-friendly nights, we want to carry that mindfulness over into our days too. In celebration of going Organic, here are five easy tips you can follow to help you live a greener life.


The best part? You can do basically all of them in your sleepwear.

Going organic never felt so good.

Don’t Leave the Water Running While Brushing Your Teeth

We’ve all been guilty of leaving the water running a time or two, while we get distracted by other things. And while 70% of the Earth is covered in water, only about 1% is available for human consumption. So why not take care of your smile and conserve water at the same time? Turn off the tap while brushing.


Unplug Electronic Devices

Most of us don’t think about it, but plugged in devices such as computers, kitchen tools, and other electronic devices continue to use energy even when they’re turned off. An easy way around this is to unplug your devices and machines while they’re not in use or try utilizing things like power strips that can be easily switched off when not in use. 


Use a Reusable Water Bottle

We hear a lot about how single-use plastics are bad for the environment (and the animal population). In fact, plastic drinking bottles are among the top 3 offenders listed by a 2018 UN environmental report. Just 9% of the world’s plastic gets recycled, and most plastic ends up in landfills, oceans, and waterways. So how can we do our small part to help? One way is to ditch the constant pile of plastic water bottles and get a stainless-steel reusable water bottle that you can carry around with you and refill as needed. If you won't do it for the dolphins, at least do it for Leonardo Dicaprio. 


Utilize Reusable Bags

Did you know that only 1% of plastic bags are recycled? The rest end up in landfills or, even worse, other places in our environment like the ocean. A plastic shopping bag can take anywhere between 20 - 1000 years to decompose. Every purchase you make in one of our Bedroom locations comes with the cutest wash bag that you can reuse for everything from farmers market, to the gym, and beyond. By utilizing reusable bags when we shop, we can significantly reduce the number of plastic bags used for everyday tasks.  


Use Cold Water to Wash Your Clothes

You may not typically even think about this, but did you know that about 90% of the energy used by your washing machine is to heat the water needed to wash your clothes? Using cold water can make a considerable difference in energy efficiency and help reduce your carbon footprint. 






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