13 March 2020

Going Organic with Gloria Noto

Gloria Noto of Noto Botanics

If you’re looking towards the future of the beauty industry, look no further than artists like Gloria Noto. A makeup artist and activist whose views on beauty and identity led her to found one of our favorite beauty brands, Noto Botanics. We got deep with Gloria, talking about her genderless approach to beauty, why you shouldn’t be afraid of face oils, and going organic in both beauty and life.

Gloria in the Organic Pima Jumpsuit

Gloria is wearing the Organic Pima Jumpsuit



Has founding NOTO changed your perspective as a makeup artist?

It has in so many ways by allowing me to understand what cosmetics are on so many different levels — from the obvious level of what they are made of and how they are made, to realizing what they mean to others who are buying them and applying these cosmetics to themselves. Founding NOTO has opened up my world to seeing the consumer and hearing their stories.


Lots of people have misconceptions about what face oils are and what they do to your skin — can you tell us a little bit about their benefits and why people should stop being afraid to give them a shot?

I think we’ve come a long way in finally getting to a place where we are more educated in our approach to oils and how we use them. However, I think there are still those who are worried that oil = breakouts. This misconception comes from a history of mineral oils being added into products from yesteryear. Thankfully, these have been removed from your everyday face oil, which are more pure to form, allowing your skin to gain the nutrients it needs and having the ability to absorb into the skin rather than clog it.


Gloria gets ready

Gloria is wearing the Organic Pima Long Sleeve Tee, and the Organic Pima Pocket Tee



Talk to us about Noto’s genderless approach to beauty

Well, simply put...beauty IS genderless.


What’s one ingredient that people would be surprised to know has huge skin benefits?

Green coffee bean oil!  It awakens the skin (without giving you the jitters).


Gloria with her skincare and food

Gloria is wearing the Organic Pima Pocket Tee



Does your routine change depending on what you have going on that day?

Hardly, but sometimes. I always wash and use my Deep Serum day and night — some days I need an extra cleanse so I use the Resurface Scrub, and some days I add a layer of Moisture Riser Cream for added hydration. And on some days, I need full-body nourishment, so I'll use the Agender Oil when my legs and arms feel dry. I usually just feel it out.


If you could only have one beauty product on your shelf what would it be?

Deep Serum for SURE. It gives an instant glow and it also changes the skin over time. Best of both worlds!


Gloria in the Organic Pima Long Sleeve Tee

Gloria is wearing the Organic Pima Long Sleeve Tee



Your alarm goes off — what happens next?

I kiss my dog a bunch, I make coffee, I try to meditate but often I get to a few emails, I journal, then I go work out — and then the rest is what it is.


What came first, organic life habits or organic beauty routine

For sure organic life habits — I started cleaning up my diet and learning about herbs and supplements like a madwoman when I started to not feel so good. I had to deep dive into self-healing. Meanwhile, my skin was terrible throughout my entire 20’s…like really bad. It wasn’t until around the end of my 20’s when I realized that I needed to stop using abrasive products, and instantly saw a difference when I switched to clean skincare. I then went deep into researching what ingredients and herbs could do for me topically — which lead me to formulating my own products…and here we are!


Gloria's House



How else does organic fit into your life? How have you gone organic in other areas of your life besides your beauty routine?

Organic to me also means authentic. So I check in with myself often to feel like I am connected to myself and do the things that feel right and real for me.


Gloria Noto




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