How She Wears It 17 December 2019

Keeping it Simple with Caroline Ventura

Caroline in the Washable Silk Tee Set

Even on those days that we never change out of our sleepwear (and trust us, there’s a lot of them), we're still a sucker for a good accessory. So when we found BRVTVS — a delicate New York-based jewelry collection created by Caroline Ventura, inspired by her love of minimal details and clean lines, we knew we'd discovered something special. We were equally inspired by Caroline's personal aesthetic. We connected with her to discuss the intimate nature of jewelry and incorporating it into your everyday uniform, the beauty in simplicity, and, of course, her relationship with sleep.

Caroline wearing the Tee Set

Caroline is wearing the Washable Silk Tee Set



How does jewelry enhance an outfit?

I look at jewelry as something deeply personal; something precious and full of memories. For me, it's something that is part of me as a person, less something that enhances an outfit. My jewelry remains pretty constant, despite what I am wearing on my body.


Describe your personal style philosophy

I dress for me first, others second.


Like Lunya, BRVTVS features clean lines, and minimal, but impactful, details — how did you come to this design aesthetic?

Generally, I have always shied away from the big and bold. Even as a kid, I always preferred simplicity. To me, some of the most interesting elements in art and design are aspects that are often overlooked at first, or ones that you might need to take a second glance at to realize the significance.


Caroline in Bed with a book

Caroline is wearing the Supportive Modal Sleep Bralette and Supportive Modal Sleep Brief



As someone who lives a busy lifestyle as a designer and entrepreneur, tell us about your relationship with sleep

I love sleep! I'm not one of those people who can function well on minimal hours of sleep. I need rest to reset so I can have a clearer head. I think we generally have a pretty unhealthy relationship with sleep as a whole. There is a stigma that everyone needs to be doing the most, all at once. "No time for rest, I have to send out those emails!" Rest and sleep doesn't equal laziness; they're important parts of wellness that allow our body to recharge and reset.


Tell us your nightly pre-bed routine

I don't really have a set routine. I try to always wash my face before bed, and to take a few minutes to give myself a little massage, especially in the winter time when my skin is a bit more vulnerable and sensitive. I wish I could say I was one of those people who meditated or read a book before bed, but I'm not. Gonna work on that in the new year. ;)


Caroline putting on the Silk Robe

Caroline is wearing the Washable Silk Robe



Tell us your three favorite things about your bedroom and why

Right now my bedroom is the cleanest it's been in a while, and it always surprises me how something so simple as making your bed and picking your clothes off the floor helps you feel a little less stressed. It's so easy, yet every single time I clean my room I always think, "Oh wow, this feels way better in here," and then it's a total mess again two days later. I'm also really into my linen sheets from Matteo. They are a total splurge but I notice a difference in my sleep when I change my bedding. I have a little skylight above my bed that I love. We just had a full moon and I could see it peeking out behind the tree that hangs over our roof and it just felt very cozy as I fell asleep.


Caroline with her dog

Caroline is wearing the Washable Silk Tee Set (left) and the Resort Linen Silk Layering Dress and Washable Silk Cami Pant Set (Right)



You have a distinct style — tell us how people can make otherwise simple clothing pieces truly their own

Consistency. I don't mind following trends but I keep my wardrobe in a minimal color palette and keep my shoe choices pretty consistent, which makes whatever I am wearing feel more like a uniform, less an "outfit".


How does living in NYC influence your personal aesthetic?

NYC is an incredible place to gain fashion inspiration. I feel like this city gives you the confidence to try new things or just be weird; it's something that a lot of other cities don't offer. We're not really shocked by anything here — New York is such a fast-paced, in-your-face city, so I think it's really informed my style to be simple and functional.


Caroline wearing the robe and sitting on the floor

Photography by April Valencia




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