Otium Lifestyle 24 November 2020

Make Yourself At Home* with Lunya Vol. 4

It’s no secret - we love spending time at home.


A lot of us have spent the bulk of 2020 solo, so this holiday season, the thought of being at home with loved ones—doing the most, or nothing at all—seems especially nostalgic.


While you’re packing your duffle, forgetting to fill your car’s tank for the big drive to mom and dad’s, or gearing up for an intimate Thanksgiving spent at home with a few friends, Make Yourself At Home* — all from the comfort of your favorite sleepwear, of course.


Watching: The Queen’s Gambit. If you're not watching it yet, I bet someone's told you that you should be.

Reading: The highly anticipated presidential memoir A Promised Land.

Doing: Puzzles from our friends at Piecework. Designed to entertain you for dayyyyyyyys on end.

Listening: We’ve tried to fight it, but we’ve begun dabbling in holiday music. Too soon? Debatable. We love Khruangbin’s jazzy little rendition of one of our favorite songs, the timeless Christmas Time is Here.

Making: The best sausage and herb stuffing recipe in the game.

Learning: The art of setting the perfect table. From flowers, to place cards, table linens, and adding a the perfect pop of color, we’re brushing up our skills on hosting this year — whether you’re downsizing your dinner with a small group of friends, hosting an intimate evening outside, or celebrating with family.

Color: Otium Tan — not only is this Lunya’s signature brand color that looks good in every fabric and on every body (see what we did there?) it’s also a color that’ll match perfectly with all of your Thanksgiving leftovers. Sleepwear that color coordinates with the gingerbread loaf and turkey mom sends you home with every year? Why, yes please.

Wearing: Thanksgiving... not a good a day to be our pants. This holiday we’re giving thanks for elastic waistbands, super soft joggers, and leaving plenty of extra room for that extra piece of pie left in the fridge.




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