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How She Wears It 04 October 2019

Fresh Takes for the Modern Bride with Alexandra Macon

Babba and Bridesmaids

As anyone who’s gotten multiple invitations this year knows, we’re in the throes of wedding season! We love an event where couples personalize the day to make it feel unique to them as a couple. Here at Lunya, we spend a lot of time thinking about the Modern Woman, and we were curious to see how that translates to the Modern Bride. 

To get an expert opinion, we sat down with NYC-based Alexandra Macon, founder of Over the Moon — the ultimate destination for modern, fashionable, and fun wedding inspiration. Alexandra knows bridal style, having worked everywhere from Ralph Lauren and Domino to her time as Managing Editor of We chatted with Alexandra to discuss wedding trends, which traditions could use an update, and, of course, the second most important outfit of the day — the one for the wedding night.

Lunya Washable Silk Robe 

The Washable Silk Robe



Are there any traditions that you see being thrown out the window (garter, bouquet toss, etc.)?

I think now more than ever couples feel comfortable tweaking or melding traditions to make them their own, and it’s really wonderful. The end result is a ceremony that is usually very personal and makes guests feel like they’re playing an important role in a momentous occasion.

Additionally, I think it’s neat that we’re seeing more and more brides walk down the aisle solo like Meghan Markle. It’s obviously lovely when parents, grandparents, etc. serve as escorts, but there’s something pretty powerful about a woman walking down the aisle alone.


What wedding tradition do you think is timeless and will never go away?

The first dance—this is one that has stood the test of time!


What’s the cap on bridesmaids and groomsmen?

I don’t think there’s a cap necessarily, but I do like that more couples are comfortable forgoing bridesmaids and groomsmen altogether or only having siblings serve as wedding attendants. Once upon a time, if you had no bridesmaids, people might assume you had no friends. That’s obviously no longer the case, and I think it’s a nice change.


Babba and Bridesmaids with Champagne

Babba and her bridesmaids wear the Washable Silk Robe



Welcome parties, after parties, recovery this the new norm?

Yes, most weddings have become multi-day affairs now. Instagram changed everything!


Times are changing — who is covering the bill?

It really depends. I think it’s much more common for both sets of parents or even the bridal couple to pay for portions, which, as the mother of two daughters, is a change I’m here for and fully support!


Champagne for the bridal party


To go off registry, or not?

Depends on the wedding registry! If the couple has picked items that are beautiful and personal, I’m all for purchasing off the registry—but I refuse to buy someone a trashcan, cookie sheets, or a silicone spatula. If that’s what a couple registers for, I’m often convinced I can do better and will likely go rogue.


What wedding trend do you think needs a refresh (ie: photo booths at weddings — still cool?)

Donut walls. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: I’ve never seen a tasteful (or appetizing for that matter) donut wall. If you have to have donuts, do a croquembouche and call it a day.


Outside of typical lingerie, what are some fresh takes for the modern bride to feel sexy but still like herself?

Lunya's Washable Silk Robe with her new initials embroidered on it.


Helping the bride get dressed

Photographs by Johanna Rosenlew





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