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Interviews 01 March 2021

Polished Business with Stella Simona

The words polished and put-together can mean a lot of things. Sure, it describes the way we like to feel before a intimidatingly important work presentation, or a dinner date that calls for your best 40-dollar lipstick and favorite cocktail dress (even if the dining room is literally your dining room). But we believe that the feeling of polished-ness shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions only—because an equal amount of effort should go into preparing ourselves for everyday routines, too.
Of course, we’re talking bedtime, in particular: the wind-down before the shut-eye, a process that calls for intentional thinking just as much as prepping for that big Zoom meeting or dreamy anniversary date. So, now we pose a little question: if you suit up in your boss blazer for work, and your trusty LBD for play, what do you wear when approaching the business of sleep? (The question is rhetorical—but we recommend our new Washable Silk Trouser Set). And speaking of business: we recently spoke with Stella Simona, who’s the co-founder of coveted jewelry labels Haati Chai and Amarilo. Not only is Simona a bad-ass creative entrepreneur and designer, but she’s also the epitome of polished—not only in terms of brand aesthetics or wardrobe, but in the way she’s built her life around intention and self-care. Here, we chat with her about design influences, the art of feeling put-together, and what the business of bedtime means to her.
First thing you do when you wake up?

I turn on some music and open up my curtains to let the sun pour into my space.

Favorite thing to sip on while inboxing?

A cup of hot tea, usually earl grey or chai.

As a creative entrepreneur, what morning rituals make you feel ready for business?

I like to begin with a 15 minute bath or indulge in another beauty ritual to myself before interacting with anyone else. Then making my bed, tidying up the house (since we are home most of the time these days), and I finish with a big breakfast with my family.

Stella in the Washable Silk Robe in Immersed Black
Biggest design influence?

My Bangladeshi-American heritage. Everything I create is influenced by my experiences as a Bangladeshi-American woman.

One accessory you’re always wearing?

A necklace. My nani (maternal grandmother) always told me that you cannot leave the house without a chain on and I've followed what she said ever since.

Stella in Otium Tan Washable Silk
What does pulled-together and polished feel or look like to you?

This all is a matter of effortlessness.

Describe your perfect pair of trousers…

I love a high waist to give the illusion of longer legs. As long as the fit is to my body, I am open to flare or straight leg.

Stella in Deep Blue Trouser Set
What’s a new way you’re enjoying your leisure time in 2021?

I’ve made it a point to discover all the things local to me that I never really went to checkout — the aquarium, hiking trails, nearby farms.

Final order of business before you hit the hay?

After the kids are in bed and asleep my husband and I like to listen to some music or watch a show and snuggle on the couch in our office before going to bed.

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