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How She Wears It 13 June 2019

Resort Linen Silk Romper: How Louise Wears It

Louise Edgley - Resort Linen Silk Muse

Louise Edgley is someone that never has bowed to trends, but knows what’s current and looks good on the body. So what did she do when she couldn’t find the perfect denim? She created it. As the founder of premium denim label, Slvrlake, she’s somebody that inherently understands the sartorial needs of the modern woman.

Sound familiar? Then you know why we picked her to be a muse. Her easy, no fuss approach to denim proves her understanding of the needs of today’s busy girl (and being one herself, she knows what she’s talking about) and makes her a perfect fit for our Resort Linen Silk collection. We sat down with Louise to chat start-up life, how she manages to squeeze some travel into her busy schedule, and see how she made these pieces her own.


Louise wearing the Resort Linen Silk Collection


You're originally from U.K., worked in London, and are now based in California. How does workplace culture differ across these locales?

I moved to London in my early 20s to start my career in fashion, I lived there for 8 years before moving to California. Being a major fashion capitol, the pace of the industry in London is much faster and works days are longer. Though my days start very early here in California, LA has much more of a work/life balance.


SLVRLAKE Denim's ethos is simple: create newness through fit and styling rather than just passing trends. How do you apply this mantra to other aspects of your wardrobe?

I invest heavily in timeless pieces in luxury natural fabrics such as silks, cottons, and cashmeres. I avoid buying into silhouettes that are on trend and instead opt for those that are figure flattering. Comfort is paramount; there is nothing worse than appearing uncomfortable in your own clothing — the aim is always to be effortlessly chic.

Louise in the Resort Linen Silk Romper

With launching just over a year ago, you probably don't have much time to get away while still in start-up mode. When you do find windows of opportunity to escape, where are you going? 

For someone that loves to travel, this past year has been pretty crazy (in the most amazing way) and hasn’t really allowed for any time to get away with the exception of visiting NYC, London, and Paris for fashion week. We aim to have long weekends away as a family when possible. My son loves exploring in forests in Big Sur and we head out to Joshua Tree frequently which is a constant source of inspiration (this is where we drew inspiration for our sun-faded washes and the desert tones of our SS19 collection).


What silhouettes are your staples that never fall off trend?

Anything that drapes and skims the body, nothing that clings or is too voluminous. One of the latter two are always a trend.


How has travel informed your work and life today?

Growing up in Europe was incredible since it is so easy to travel to many different countries and experience diverse cultures. That experience has continued to drive a curiosity and desire to see the world. I think it's important to explore to fuel creativity and never to stand still and be too comfortable with your surroundings.

Djuna as a mother

What SLVRLAKE pieces are you packing for your upcoming vacation and how are you styling?

-I don't go anywhere without a pair of our London jeans in my favorite wash, Sweet Thing. The fabric is butter-soft and they pair with everything, making them the perfect travel companion.
-I love our Farrah short worn with Lunya's Resort Linen Silk Shirt over my Matteau bikini to take me from beach to bar.
-Im also loving our Grace Crop in Natural White with a relaxed tank for summer evenings.


Dream destination of the moment?

Too many to name but I've been desperate to go to Japan for the cherry blossom season which happens during March/April. I would also love to return to the Maldives and try to catch a glimpse of the Sea of Stars. I have yet to explore much of South America and the Far East… I have a long list to work through… 


What's currently on your travel playlist?

A lot of old school hip hop.


Louise sitting in the Romper

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