How She Wears It 13 June 2019

Resort Linen Silk Shirt Set: How Ashley Wears It

Resort Linen Silk Muse: Ashley

We might be biased, but our Lunya CEO and mom of two, Ashley Merrill is our definition of a boss babe. Her days are typically scheduled to the minute, but she still does her best to fit in a workout, spend quality time with her family, and throw in a vacation or two every once in a while. She epitomizes making the most out of your time because she doesn’t have much to spare

She’s a true Lunya muse in more ways than one. We were super excited to see her style our Resort Linen Silk pieces in a way that reflects her fashionable, yet no-fuss style and give us inspiration for how to take advantage of the travels-well nature of these pieces. Being a badass isn’t always easy, but Ashley somehow gets it all done and manages to look great while doing it.


Ashley Merrill wearing the Resort Linen Silk Collection


When outfit planning for summer travels, where do you begin?

I tend to think about fashion and packing in terms of problem solving. What activities am I doing? How many days am I going? How do I want to feel when I’m there? I also try to think about packing limitations and flexibility in case I arrive and feel different.


What are some of your favorite destinations your career has taken you?

Peru, NY, and Paris are among the cooler locations I’ve been for work. Peru was culturally fascinating because it was more of a cultural melting pot than I would have imagined. They have a large Japanese population and so they have some incredible Japanese Peruvian fusion eats. NY is a great city to dip in and out of because of the buzzing energy of it all. When I leave there I’m usually ready for nature and the slower CA culture. Paris is Paris — the food, architecture, and design keep me entranced for hours. 

Ashley wearing the Resort Linen Silk Shirt Set

Outside Resort Linen Silk, what are your go-to Lunya staples for summer?

I love the Cool Pima Collection in the summer. The Cool Muscle Tee and Cool Short layer effortlessly and the dry breathable natural fibers feel great in the sticky summer.


What's the most important rule when it comes to packing a suitcase?

Smaller is better. It’s a rare thing to say in life, I know.


What's always in your carry-on?

I basically always only carry a carry-on. Yes, I’m that person. So everything is with me all the time because I hate starting off a vacay with a luggage hunt.


Ashley on Vacation


What songs are currently on your travel playlist?

I’m the least cool music person. I mix 90’s rock and hip hop with 70’s rock with contemporary top 50 lists.


Shoes — what are your rules for packing?

All flats all the time. Isabel Marant slides make it in my suitcase every time.


Dream destination of the moment?

Bali and/or Morocco. I love spots with diversity of experience (beaches, religious/historical centers, and great culture that manifests in food and arts).





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