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Interviews 18 March 2021

Spring Refresh with Anne-Victoire Lefevre

Good morning; may we introduce you to the very chic Anne-Victoire Lefevre. Anne wears many hats in the fashion world (from communications to product development) and she also curates an Instagram we could literally scroll to the end of — it’s basically our holy grail for French-girl outfit inspo, art, florals, countryside snapshots and effortlessly beautiful interiors. *queue Jane and Serge singing softly*
With warmer weather upon us (finally), we got a peek inside Anne’s cozy home and chatted all things style, springtime in Paris, and pro tips on how to make any room more personal. Slip into some Organic Pima in Meditative Purple, make an espresso, and scroll on.
Anne in Meditative Purple
Describe your mood today in 3 words or less.

Lazy, hopeful, tired.

Favorite ways to slow down and unwind?

Having a carbon therapy face massage for 2 hours or a gym massage seasonally. Going to my countryside house for fresh air, space, and nature. Enjoying quality time with family and friends.

Anne wearing Lunya Sleepwear
What’s something you’d like to make more time for this year?


Describe your style.

Simple, minimalistic, effortless, elegant, modern and comfortable.

What are 3 ways you’d style our new Organic Pima collection in Meditative Purple?

I love the Wide Leg Pant for everyday, so I could wear it at the office with a beige ribbed mock neck sweater and a beige fitted leather jacket. I would wear the total look in purple with nice heeled sandals and a sleeveless sweater in angora or with a nice pattern. I could definitely wear the pyjama set as a night outfit with heels, jewels, red lips and a beautiful belted coat.

Anne in her Organic Pima Lunya Sleepwear
Has your taste changed over the past year after spending more time at home?

I became very careful with what I buy. Quality, great materials and perfect shapes, timeless pieces over trend/seasonal pieces. Comfort is now my priority and as we need to wear masks, I stopped putting makeup and invested in new beauty products.

How do you mix loungewear or sleepwear with the rest of your closet?

I love to mix loungewear with chic pieces like shoes or bags. I always play with the shapes, the textures and the colors.

Anne on her couch with her sleep mask, high rise short, and long sleeve tee
What’s your dream splurge/dream piece to own as far as furniture or clothing?

I am dreaming of the Quadrifoglio lamp from Guzzini and a beige Mario Bellini sofa.

We know interiors are a passion of yours, what are some key pieces that can make a room more personal to you?

Ceramics, souvenirs from travels, photos, paintings and flowers of course.

Anne relaxing in full Lunya Meditative Purple
Spring is here! Favorite flowers to keep in the house?

Tulips, poppy flowers, anemones...

Favorite thing about springtime in Paris?

Flowers in the trees, longer days, sunny terraces, going out with only a little jacket, having lunch in the park, a brighter apartment, going to the office by walking... All of that makes me feel good!


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